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Gilad Katan

Gilad Katan

Sales Representative


GIlad Katan's professional skills are to be commended. He is patient, polite and very thorough. His experience was very valuable to me as he recently arranged for me to view a condominium and lead me through the multitude of documents to complete. He exemplifies strong organizational skills as the forms were filled out with care and precision and sent on to the required recipients for perusal and approval. I was pleased to have successfully acquired the unit with his assistance and in such a short time, again showing his efficiency. I would strongly recommend him as a real estate sales person.


Given the current condition of the real estate market in Toronto, Gilad exemplified the efficiency and awareness needed to help me make a timely and competitive offer on a condo. As someone with limited real estate knowledge, I appreciated Gilad’s experience and understanding of the market, in addition to his prompt responses to my questions and concerns when they arose. Gilad was available to meet with me on very short notice for each showing that I went to, and his dedication to his clients/providing excellent customer service was very apparent in my interactions with him. I was incredibly impressed with Gilad’s professionalism, flexibility and knowledge, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate agent