Vivian Wei

Vivian Wei

Sales Representative
About Vivian Wei

Human Resources Management background with multinational companies including Ingersoll Rand, Walmart, Solvay etc. Hold top Asian MBA degree with professional working and planning&organizing skill. Quick responsive and highly responsible.


Vivian, Thank you for making everything smooth and easy for us! We appreciate everything you have done for us. All the best,

-Jaeyeon Yang

It was a pleasure to refer you. We were very happy in our dealings with you, and knew they(friends)’d be able to find something with you!

-Stephanie Giannopoulos

Hi Vivian, Thanks again for all the help you provided during this process. Your support really helped us navigate this whole process with ease during the pandemic We are definitely very pleased with your work. We are very grateful to have had you help us find a place, take on or file on such short notice and work with our very tight timeline. We would happily recommend you to anyone we know that is looking for a new place in TO :)

-Hernando Burgos Garcia

You deserve our Trust. It was obvious you were acting as our advocate.

-Nicole Taylor

Thanks so much Vivian for all your help! You've been so great and we really appreciate the time and efforts you've dedicated towards helping us.

-Kirsten Roggeveen

Thanks for helping with all the stuff, we were able to turn around this quick.

-Tushar Khonde
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