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Sean Miller

Sean Miller

Sales Representative // Top Producer
About Sean Miller

Born and bred in Toronto, Sean thinks it is one of the best cities in the world and a great investment. As one of the Top realtors at, Sean believes buying a home is the biggest, most important purchase you will ever make and you need to align yourself with a sharp, knowledgeable and reliable realtor. You want someone who is strong when it comes to the art of negotiation, someone who can get the job done and someone who will, plain and simple, work their butt off for you! With a plethora of sales experience throughout his life, Sean has the wherewithal to navigate the cutthroat Toronto real estate market. In a market as hot as this it is paramount to make sure you are well represented. Take a read of some of the testimonials below, they say it all.


As a first time home buyer, I was unsure of what to expect of a real estate agent. Luckily, Sean was very professional, knowledgeable and always went above and beyond to help find the best condo for me. After spending time learning about my budget, lifestyle, locations of interest etc. Sean sent me hand-picked properties daily. He was patient, accommodating and insightful as we visited multiple properties across the city and at all hours. When I fell in love with my future home, it was in an up and coming neighborhood I never would have considered on my own. Sean had put in the time to get to know my personality and made the perfect suggestion. He then demonstrated his strong negotiating skills to secure me the best price! Sean continued to provide support beyond closing, ensuring that my move went smoothly. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Sean to any potential home buyer.

-Joanne Murrey Ormandy

It's been a pleasure having Sean as my property agent. Having made 2 purchases with him this year, he's proved himself to be enthusiastic, honest and hard working, putting the client's interest in the first place and always looking for the best deal for you. A promising young man with great potential. I would highly recommend him.

- Charles Chan

My son introduced me to Sean to help us look for a condo or loft for him downtown. As my son was really busy with a new business Sean & I ended up looking together & actually really having fun in the process! Sean worked tirelessly in his search for a great place & was more than successful finding a fabulous loft exactly where my son wanted to be! He was there for us in the process of bidding for the space with sound advice & counsel. We would definitely recommend Sean as a great real estate agent!

-Jan Sutin

I really loved working with Sean. Being a first time home buyer I was unaware of many details involved with buying a condo. Sean patiently guided me through all the steps and helped me find a condo in the location I desired and within my budget. I recommend Sean to everyone as he is very knowledgeable in his field and aware of the current market conditions.

- Avtinder Basra

It was my first time buying a home, and Sean was very helpful guiding me through the process from finding my new home to ensuring I was settled in it comfortably. I liked how fast he worked to show me places to make sure I got the deal I was looking for.

-John Sintal

Sean Miller was tasked with finding a suitable condo or townhome in the downtown core for us. Sean jumped to action immediately with a good cross-section of properties that matched our criteria.

Sean took us out to view the various properties and refined our criteria from our comments during the visits. He then presented us with more suitable options and we were very quickly able to identify the property that we were definitely interested in. 

Sean was instrumental in helping us secure the property with shrewd negotiation skills while maintaining the utmost in professionalism and integrity. We paid 10% less than a (same) neighbouring home sold for in the same vicinity! As these homes were all selling above asking price – Sean was successful in negotiating a price at 7% below asking!

Sean was always reliable and an absolute pleasure to deal with.

I would highly recommend Sean Miller (as I already have) and look forward to dealing with him again in the future.

-Garson Hoffman

It was our pleasure working with Sean Miller. Sean is very professional and knowledgeable. He understands our likes and dislikes by listening to every detail we talk about our search for new house. He empathized with our situation of buying first home in a new country and guided us to make a very important and perplexing decision in our life. Sean was excellent in communicating with the seller and provided valuable suggestions in the areas like mortgage, lawyer, worth of the deal etc. His commitment was appreciated and I will strongly recommend him to all our friends and family.

-Rose and Max

Thank you very much Sean for the exceptional service you provided us with respect to our recent condo purchase in downtown Toronto. We really enjoyed dealing with you and found your services very efficient. In addition, you were very accommodating to our circumstances of living in Muskoka, plus we appreciated you putting us in contact with a Toronto Lawyer. We would be pleased to use your services in the future or recommend you to other potential home buyers. Your knowledge base of the Toronto condo market steered us in the right direction resulting in the appropriate condo choice for us. We were very happy with your negotiating skills resulting in a very attractive purchase price for us.

-Peter and Liz

We were very new to the condo market in Toronto. We were helping our daughter and future son in law to find a place. Sean proved to be so helpful and a great source of information, up to date listings, and so much knowledge of the areas and the market. Sean answered all our questions, he was very patient with us. He also gave us links to articles to help us be informed about the condo market. He was always available to us and was so prompt with returning emails and texts back to us. When it came time to negotiate the deal Sean was excellent, and diligent and worked hard for us. His aftersale care was great too. He offered to help with anything. My daughter and future son in law have a great condo in a great location and this experience was wonderful thanks to Sean. He looked after details and worked on our behalf. And working with four adults and four viewpoints isn't always easy but Sean worked with all of us well, hearing everybody. His demeanour is so calming and knowledgeable that he gave us confidence throughout this whole process. We would all recommend him highly and I wouldn't hesitate to call him should the situation arise in the future!

-Vicki Semotiuk

Thank you so much Sean for helping us find the perfect condo in Toronto. When we began our journey on buying our first property we decided to visit Shortly after we contacted Sean to see a couple of places. Before we knew it Sean was sitting down at a table with us explaining all the details that we needed to know to find our dream condo. He listened to our story and what we were looking for. We wanted a place that we could call home, and a great investment at the same time. He searched high and low for a suitable match for us, and was extremely accommodating to our schedule. Whenever we were seeing any condos with Sean he was always very punctual, energetic, and enthusiastic. Sean is very competent at what he does and did not pressure us into anything. If you are a first time home buyer or not, I would highly recommend you to give Sean Miller’s services a try. We are both happily living in our new condo and really could not ask for anything more. Although I know that if we asked, Sean would be there to help us again at the drop of a hat.

-Dylan and Amy

We asked Sean to find me us a Toronto condo that met our specific requirements and Sean worked very hard to find it - the perfect condo in the perfect location. Sean was responsive, bright and very knowledgeable. He did a great job negotiating a fair price, followed up with all our questions before closing, and made sure we were satisfied after closing. Thank you Sean!

-John Allen and Meredyth McSweeney

As a first time home buyer I couldn’t have asked for a better real estate agent. Sean made the entire process as seamless and as stress free as possible. He was patient with me when I was just exploring and was on top of things when I was ready to pull the trigger. He is very, knowledgeable about the Toronto condo market and always went above and beyond to help find the best condo for me. It was always a pleasure dealing with him as he never made me feel like just another client and rather helped me like he would a friend or a family member. You end up dealing with a lot of people when you purchase a home, Sean was by far the highlight of the entire experience. I would highly recommend him to any potential home buyer


Being first time home buyers in Toronto, it is very important to find a knowledgeable agent. Sean without a doubt exceeded our expectations with his expertise and knowledge. He was very enthusiastic and helped us understand the market very well. He was very patient and guided us at every step going out of his way. His priority was to ensure that we found our perfect place that we would call our home. Even after closing the deal, he made sure that we are happy and everything in our home meets our expectations. He helped like a friend who would guide you buy a home. Thank you Sean for all your hard work and efforts. We love our home!

-Saloni & Dhruv

Sean doesn't need my review. Have you seen how many honest and positive paragraphs he has earned from his clients? I can't believe it! He didn't treat me in ANY way special. Everyone else had the same responsible responsive reliable service from this guy. I'm sure it isn't anything like '3 Rs' for agents to be specialised and extremely successful in their field. So do you know what to look for in agent? I didn't. Although I sure needed someone positve and passionate about looking for my first home, since even I thought my wish list was daunting. Sean was more passionate than I was about getting me what I wanted. I didn't just get a condo - I got my unit and parking and locker and location within a tight budget. I wasn't sure I would get it all. But Sean did. And you never know. And then the deal closed. I was ready to be on my own merry way, but Sean stuck around to ensure I could depend on him for ANYTHING that popped into my maze of questions through the home buying process. I could have been another 'annoying' first time buyer, but I became a winner for me, and a valued client for him. I sure feel like one even now. Besides having gotten what I wanted and confident in the entire process, I also know that I have an agent who would be a priceless contact for all my needs. Any agent could simply close homes, but Sean definitely puts his client's interests first. Even when I was willing to let go of my 'wish list', he was willing to take chances and time to look for it. Its not just about being an expert or knowing how to be a realtor. It is a very impressive something strangely unique which I don't understand, but everyone else had experienced all the same good things. I hardly ever write reviews, but I really have to now, seeing that he has been consistent in ensuring everyone else is also happy (including me). It seems every client is special and he always gets it right in taking care of needs. Buying my first home is only the first step, and Sean's consistent delivery means that I have someone I can trust in real estate. It has certainly opened up wider possibilities than I have ever imagined. So please don't just jump in. Even if you don't know what you typically need in home buying, go hunting with Sean and be a winner like me.


As first time home buyers in the very stressful and difficult market Sean took the time to listen to what was really important to us and helped us navigate through the home buying process. Always quick to get back to us and gave us candid and valuable insight. We really appreciated Sean's follow up before and after the purchase to make sure we were comfortable and all our (many) questions were answered. We love our new condo and so happy for Sean's help.

-Weston and Saren

It was truly a wonderful experience to have Sean by our side during our search for a home in Toronto. He is thoroughly professional and an expert by all means. Sean understood our requirements and in no time we were on our way to close the deal. He has always been available to sort out issues and help us in navigating the tricky mazes of Condo hunting in Toronto. I would definitely recommend him for the awesome work that he has done.

-Satish and Padma

I really loved working with Sean. I only have 2 words for him - outstanding and Marvellous. Being a first time home buyer I had many unanswered questions which were answered by Sean very patiently. In this hot real estate market, he was able to get the unit below the listing price by negotiating with the seller and i really had no hope but he made it possible. I would definitely go through him if i ever buy any property in future and also recommend Sean to everyone as he is very knowledgeable in his field and aware of the current market conditions.


I recently just closed my condo (2017) but Sean approached me two years back when I just started my search into the home market. We had a couple of meetings and we really connected. Since then, Sean has worked extremely hard for me to make sure I got what I was looking for and I know for certain he does the same for all his other clients. Extremely professional, highly committed and very honest and reliable; Sean really is best at understanding what you need and giving you the right advice in this slightly so frightening real-estate market and its developments. I always say this and here it is: Sean is my life-time Realtor Agent! He is the best at what he does and I really enjoyed this working with him. I hope to work with him in the future and I recommend him to all my colleagues and friends always

-Akash Adhiya

Buying a home is likely one of the most important decisions you will make, particularly if you're a first time home buyer. You will want someone trustworthy and reliable who will really put your interests first. Sean is that person. From our first point of contact, it was clear Sean was not only very knowledgeable, but that he genuinely cared about helping people find their dream home. He was extremely responsive throughout the process, which is something I especially appreciated, and always had thorough answers to all of my questions. He provided great insights and helped me get the best deal I could get. I could not have asked for a better agent. It was an absolute pleasure working with Sean and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new home. Thank you, Sean!


I was looking for a condo, and must say was going through a very unpleasant experience with my first agent. Right at the point when I was losing my hope, the luck has stroke me and I've found Sean. He was not only prompt, pleasant and knowledgable, but turned out to be a great listener, understanding your needs and priorities with ease, without preassuring you. Most importantly, he would do the research about each condo I liked, so he can explain to me the strategy and reasoning behind the offer he is suggesting. That has helped me to feel confident that we were doing the right thing and my money was well spent.


My experience working with Sean has been extremely positive. He possesses all the qualities I was looking for in an agent such as superior expertise in the downtown condo market, an attention to detail and a genuine honesty towards the work. It took me awhile to find a unit I was happy with, but Sean had always presented options in line with what I was looking for. He is very proactive in gathering information and answering questions as they come up which really helped in making key decisions. The entire process was smooth due to him being very involved beginning to end. His referrals in other areas were as much a pleasure to work with as him. I would definitely recommend and work with Sean again!


Sean is the hardest working agent out there! His persistence was more than admirable and I definitely knew I had someone who was willing to work extremely hard to find the home I needed. And thankfully I did choose him because he completely delivered. Sean had found the home of my dreams within in a few weeks of looking, and I could not be happier with the entire process! He was an absolute joy to work with, and I will definitely be contacting him if I decide to move again! Thanks so much Sean!


Where do I start? I had just gotten a new job in downtown, was about to move in with my girlfriend, and was finalizing the paperwork on rescuing a puppy. To top it all off, the market was at a record-high and trying to find an agent who had our best interests at heart was a mine-field. Then, in comes Sean. Looking the part of a man who was born and raised in Toronto, he used his lengthy knowledge of the intricate Toronto neighbourhoods to find us our dream condo. As my girlfriend and I wanted to be be close to the city without the hustle and bustle, Sean found us a place that met our every need (even the new puppy!)

-Adam and Jessica

My wife and I were looking to buy a condo but only knew little as it was our first time buying a home. We found one we liked on and decided to contact Sean. He replied to us immediately and asked us to come to his office to talk about our needs. He then sent us different listing that were catered to what we discussed making it really easy to narrow our researches down. He showed us different places and we found what we were looking for. We really enjoyed working with Sean, he is not only professional and knowledgeable of the industry he is also really friendly and easy to work with. He perfectly understood our needs and helped us finding the perfect place for us. Thank you very much Sean.

-Pierre and Mai

Sean is the Clark Kent of real estate. On a regular day he's warm, friendly and laid back. But when the pressure is on, he is Super Man. When a builder was going to sell a unit we wanted off-hours and without giving us a fair chance, Sean sprang to action and got us an opportunity to race for the deposit. Tight for time, Sean made mission impossible happen and we got the condo! He even helped us negotiate some discounts and save hidden fees. Thanks Sean!

-Calvin & Dalia

In the Spring of 2017, our family decided to buy a one bedroom condo in Toronto. We had heard that the real estate market was very hot. We had no idea what this actually meant! Condos were sold before the MLS listing came out. We recognized we needed a Real Estate agent who understood this market. Sean Miller was exactly the person we needed. Sean was extremely responsive in returning phone calls, emails and texts. He quickly understood what we were looking for; the price range we needed to adhere to and our timeline. When the resale market appeared to be too difficult for our timeline, Sean began looking at new buildings that were almost built and ready for move in. One of these buildings surpassed our criteria. Our trust had been built with Sean. So, when he said we needed to move quickly with our decision if we liked the building, we believed him! We saw the building and unit with Sean. We all immediately went to see the agent for the builder and put down our deposit. This is something we would never have done. We were successful in buying a two bedroom condo in an excellent location and within our price range. Thank you, Sean!

-Carole, Helen and Bernie Richard

It was great having Sean as an agent helping us buy and rent a downtown condo. He was professional and extremely knowledgeable, listened to our wishes and showed us the right properties. He did a really awesome job making this process appear quick, easy and much less stressful than it actually is!

-Srdjan and Aleksandra

As first time home buyers, we were not sure of home buying process. We got Sean's reference from one of our close friends. Sean was patient and very accommodative in our first meeting and in the entire journey. He is always reachable and responds very promptly. He provided very valuable suggestions and honest feedback on the properties. He always puts his client's interest first and looks for the best property at best price / deal. Sean continued providing his support even after closing the deal by regularly following up on the updates and ensuring our move went smoothly and successfully. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Sean for his help and support during the entire process. It's been a pleasure working with him. We highly recommend Sean to any serious home buyers.

-Swarna & Suresh

Sean helped guide me through a home purchase as a first time home buyer. His expertise of the downtown core was especially helpful in navigating the market. He set my expectations to realistic ones and I ended up with a condo in a great area, for a great price.


It was a pleasure working with Sean on our recent condo purchase. We were looking for an investment property in a prime location. Sean has an excellent understanding of the condo market and was able to identify several great options based on our requirements. He was honest and genuinely interested in making sure we got the best condo for our needs, even if it meant taking a bit of time to find the right place. The closing process was seamless. Sean then helped us find a great tenant. He screened applications to ensure we had a good reliable tenant at the end of the process. Sean is easy to reach and very prompt with following up. We look forward to working with him again.

-Sanober & Julian

Sean was an absolute pleasure to work with. We actually have a friend who is a real estate agent and then out of the blue Sean gave us a call and noticed we had requested a viewing through a few weeks ago and realized we were never contacted. He then took it upon himself to personally help us purchase our first and new home! We were quite skeptical at first whether or not he was the real deal since he is from a big website, but trust us when we say he is the best real estate agent you'll find. He is one of the most hard working, yet readily available real estate agents out there. He will pick up his phone at almost anytime during the day to chat, reply to emails or texts on the fly and even schedule visits on short notice. His genuine attitude, dedication and constant suggestions of properties are what made us go with him over our own friend! He was very patient (we were extremely picky with our house, being asian and superstitious) and kept searching for possible homes everyday. I think what really made us trust Sean is that from day 1 he worked just as hard as he did after we signed a contract to be exclusive with him. You cannot go wrong with working with Sean and we will definitely be reaching out to him when we decide to look for our next home :).


Sean is an absolutely incredible real estate agent. He wowed us with his dedication, openness and strong negotiation skills. Sean was always readily available and optimized the time we had together which was especially helpful given our busy schedules; this enabled us to find the perfect home, in a great neighbourhood at the right price. If it hadn’t been for Sean we could have missed out on the place we now call home; after several offers, 3 of which were for the exact same amount, Sean coached us on how to give the best counter offer without overpaying. We would highly recommend Sean to help you find a place you will love

-Mark & Cam