Condo Pro Profile

Robin Dixon

Sales Representative - Realty Inc.

Midtown & Downtown

(416) 274-1488

One of the many reasons Robin loves Toronto is that it offers so many unique neighbourhoods, each with its own quirky flavour, distinguishing it from any other city in the world! A love of architecture, neighbourhoods and people is what helped steer Robin into a career in real estate. He has lived in Toronto his entire adult life, exploring and being a part of many of the city’s diverse communities, from Midtown to the Danforth and from Corktown to Cabbagetown. Coming to the real estate world from a highly successful, 26-year career in the fitness industry Robin was voted “Toronto's Best" instructor by NOW Magazine. He has honed his people skills in a variety of roles in the industry including sales, management and personal training and it was this one-on-one relationship with clients, built around a common goal, that hefeel is one of the most transferrable skills in his role as a real estate agent.


"Stop right here, you’ve found your agent! I had the great fortune of being referred to Robin by a dear friend of mine overseas. Being a first time buyer in a very aggressive market was very intimidating. That being said, Robin took the time to walk me through everything patiently, even when it meant explaining process to me more than once (or maybe a couple of hundred times). He proactively searched out properties that helped me figure out exactly what it was that I wanted. When I finally found the place that I liked he helped me ride through the tidal wave that is a bidding war, and stood by my side and formulated a very clever strategy, which helped me secure the property that I wanted the most. And it goes without saying that he even humoured me when I insisted on using as many 8’s as possible in my offer price even though it meant writing out eight hundred and eighty eight in handwriting (which is a huge pain right?) Choosing Robin as your agent will ensure the most stress free e"

- Sarah Jarrett