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About Michael Gauer

Michael has over a decade of experience buying, selling and leasing properties. He is a top-producing licensed Real Estate Broker and Accredited Buyers' representative. Michael graduated at the top of his class at Ryerson University with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.  He has a unique knowledge of properties, with a background in renovations, flipping investment properties and expertise in building construction and inspections. Michael lives and breathes real estate. He demonstrates an ongoing commitment to providing exceptional customer service and has a proven track record of exceeding his clients’ expectations. Michael has been recognized for his comprehensive knowledge of the market and his talent for negotiation. During his free time, Michael enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, flying down the mountain snowboarding or reviewing new technologies.


Mike reached out to me on when I was looking for condos that were for lease. Within 2 weeks, Mike worked non-stop for us to find the perfect condo and helped us quickly make offers as units were being closed within days of being listed. Without him, we would've never had a chance. After witnessing all of Mike's hard work and dedication in helping us find a place, I recommended him to my parents who were now wanting to sell their home. Mike quickly developed a close relationship with them which was a big deal for 2 people who speak English as a second language. He showed them step-by-step the process of selling their home and made sure that they were always on the same page the whole way through. Mike made sure that my parents' best interests were always in mind and it certainly showed when he sold their home for almost $100K over asking. The next step was now finding a condo for my parents to purchase. This was the most frustrating part as finding them the condo they were looking for was difficult, but Mike didn't let my parents settle. Over a span of weeks, they went to see dozens of condos. Mike showed up multiple evenings per week to see condos with them and made sure they weren't losing hope on finding their perfect condo. Eventually, they found the ideal condo and Mike got it for them at a great price too. My parents and I were absolutely astounded by Mike's work ethic and dedication to his clients. He refuses to accept sub-par offers, he refuses to let you settle for anything less than perfect, and will always be brutally honest with you and speak his mind. Beyond business, he is a fantastic & honest person who we've garnered a lot of respect and admiration for. We definitely have a realtor for life now. Thank you Mike!

-Phillip Soares & karly Paquet

Michael Gauer was fantastic. I’d underline and bold that if Google let me. He cares about his clients being happy in their new home, and it shows. My girlfriend and I were looking for a VERY specific type of unit to rent on extremely short notice. Mike found us a condo to rent that we loved - best of all, the entire process, from search to signing took only four days! He told us exactly what to expect, set us up for success by collecting all the documents we needed beforehand, and made himself available at all times of the day (sometimes late into the night) just to make sure we could get what we wanted. He was organized, well informed, honest, charming, and a pleasure to work with. I would 100% recommend him.

-Milindra Kulugammana

The following review will be quite lengthy, but it is an effort to showcase understanding of why we gave not only, but Michael Gauer five stars. Back in July 2018, my fiancé and I began looking for an area that would best suit our lifestyle as we transitioned from being university students, into young professionals. After much consideration and looking on we decided that Vaughan would not only be the best location for us, but so would a particular building. With this in mind we began to wait and see how prices varied as we saved for our first place together. In December I got a call from Michael inquiring about my condo search as I had been a member with for a while now. This call came not only at a perfect time but was surprising as he took the time to find us. Over time as we got to know Michael we felt not only that it would be a good fit for us, but that we were getting the best of the best to help start our new chapter. By this point we still had some time out from our prospective move in date. Michael was realistic and told us a time frame we should look out for so we would not get our hopes up or set on units and prices by looking too early. During this time, he stressed the importance of getting all documents together before we see a unit. From applications, to credit score, to pay stubs he wanted it all so he could get it all together into a neat bow ready to present when a place popped up for our potential move in date. Once we got all our documents in, this is where Michael leveled with us; and I 100% love that he was so honest and upfront. We are in a unique situation with career as a supply teacher where I cannot guarantee my work because I do not have a set salary; joys of occasional work. Even with all our documents being in tip top order, Michael told us that it could be harder because of our situation. This honesty, and realistic vision really made us feel confident that we had someone who was looking out for our best interests. From there Michael sent us listings and kept in constant communications at all hours, showing that he is dedicated to his craft and care for his clients. Moreover, as a result of his connections he was able to get us into the most spectacular unit at an amazing price. Even after we had signed the documents and dropped off the check Michael walked us through things we would need for the move in date. Finally, after moving in and settling in our new home, Michael continues to go the extra mile by checking in on us. From emails, to calls to text he wants to make sure that everything went smoothly. This extra care he took warms my heart because I know that we were helped by not only an amazing relator but an incredible person. I know that I will want to keep in touch with Michael not only professionally but personally. Overall, my fiancé and I give 5 stars because of its user friendly application, and because of the human element behind the website. But when it comes to Michael we would give him personally 10 stars if the system would allow it. No exaggeration or inflated words, Michael is incredible and if you ever get the opportunity to work with him I highly recommend it. Professional, honest and caring, Michael was able to make our future in our new home a reality, and I am forever grateful for the help. I will be sending all my friends in the city to him. Thank you and Michael for our new “lease” on life.

-Emma Williams

Michael Gauer was an amazing real estate agent that changed my family's life forever. In this day and age in Toronto, with rapidly rising costs, he was able to find us an affordable home where all my family's needs are met. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and our experience [as first time home buyers] was completely smooth. If you are looking for a home in Toronto and need an agent that will go above and beyond for you, then look no further, and give Michael Gauer an opportunity to find you a home.

-Phillip Cada

Michael Gauer reached out to us when my girlfriend and I were looking for condos for sale. We are a young couple and a first time home-buyer who don’t know what to do but really eager to find our own place together. When we told him our situation, he then recommended us to a mortgage broker that made us approved to get our first home. Upon approval, we contacted Mike and within few days we met him up for 2 condos viewing. Who would have known that after this meeting we would find our dream home? He worked non-stop on making a deal to the home owner until we get the unit. Michael is not just an incredible realtor but you can tell that he’s a good person as well. He cares about his clients being happy to find their new home. When we finally moved and settled in (April 12, 2019), he continues to message us to check on us to ensure that everything is okay - He’s always one message away (even at late hours)! But yeah, no exaggeration or anything, if you get a chance to work with Michael, we highly recommend it. Very professional, honest, and really caring person. We will be forever grateful for the help!

-Keicy Mendoza

We can’t thank Michael Gauer enough! After meeting with him for an hour he was able to identify what were were looking for! Micheal was able to find us the most perfect place that we will be moving into soon! He is professional, easy to work with and most importantly an honest person which makes him an excellent realtor! We will for sure refer our friends and family to him. Again, thank you to Micheal for all his hard work, late evening calls and going to bat for us, it truly made a positive difference our lives.

-Jennifer Francis

Michael is the best! Michael was very patient and understanding with us. He listened and understood exactly what we were looking for in tenants for our condo. He took the time to screen them before he even brought them to our attention as to not waste our time, if he didn't feel they were a good fit for us, which we appreciated and showed us he has or best interest at heart. Michael took all my calls and texts and answered our questions with a positive and professional mannerism. Michael found us great tenants and we are extremely happy to be working with him. I will be recommending Michael to family and friends. We look forward to working with Michael again in the future. Thank you Michael for all your hard work!

-Jennifer Pittner

Regarding using the services of Michael Gauer as your real estate agent or broker, I cannot say anything less than his service was excellent. I felt he goes above and beyond to satisfy his client. In my case even though I switched my requirements halfway through the search, Michael did not miss a beat. And when we found the right property and made the deal, his after "deal closed" service continued to be extraordinary. I would not hesitate to both recommend and suggest to anyone that asks that using Michael Gauer will not disappoint and will be the right choice for them. A satisfied client

-Bruce R. Tait

My experience with Michael could not have been better. I started looking for an apartment to rent towards the end of August and even though it was the peak time of the year for rentals, we found the place we wanted with relative ease. The first place we liked was the one we ended up signing to. A big reason for our quick success was definitely Michael and his professionalism. He will ensure that everything is done the proper way and will be patient. His honesty and knowledge helped me set realistic expectations for what was to come through the process. All in all, if you want someone who is going to be real with you and who will make sure you get what you want, I would definitely recommend Michael.

-Gary-Joseph Panganiban

Working with Michael was definitely an excellent experience. His knowledge of the real estate market, along with its high standards of service made finding a home so easy!. He was always very attentive to our needs and advised us continuously during the process. Great experience! 100% recommended!!

-Gabriela Granes

I highly recommend working with Michael! The process was very easy and Michael was always available to answer any questions or concerns that I had. He was very supportive and helpful in finding me the perfect condo, if it wasn't for him there is no way I could have gotten it.

-Jill Marinelli

I worked with Michael Gauer and the entire experience from start to finish was awesome! Everything went smoothly as Michael explained the process in detail and collected all required docs upfront. He went above & beyond by going out of his way to help me when I needed some advice even long after the lease was signed. He got me a really good deal and I love my place! :) I liked working with him because he was transparent and helpful, without being pushy.

-Kaydene Tyson