Kamran Ebrahimi

Kamran Ebrahimi

Sales Representative
About Kamran Ebrahimi

"When you have clients who are happy with your assistance, they become the voice of your dedication." - Kamran Ebrahimi. That is something Kamran Ebrahimi has seen time and time again. Having worked in real estate for three years, Kamran enjoys helping families plan and pursue their financial freedom and security. As a former manager in the financial insurance industry, he uses his background in economics to analyze changing market trends. This allows him to continuously be educating himself as well as providing clients with the best advice possible. Kamran has also worked in corporate business negotiations, so the need to provide his clients with the best deal possible is in his professional bloodstream. As a native of Toronto, Kamran has lived and worked in a variety of the city’s neighborhoods and has studied the growth of York Region and many communities in North York for over 14 years. Continuing his passion for the future of families, Kamran spends his spare time getting involved in the community as much as possible. A cause very close to Kamran is environmental issues and he’s always on the lookout for the right platforms that allow him to conduct his work in a paperless fashion. When he isn’t busy studying the diversity of the city or working with Torontoian's, Kamran can be found cooking his way through diverse cuisines.

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