Condo Pro Profile

Brandon Talbot

Sales Representative - Realty Inc., Brokerage


(647) 983-3489

Having been a buyer, seller, tenant and landlord, Brandon Talbot knows his way around the Real Estate business. At some point during his career, he would’ve needed the same advice his clients often ask for. And that’s exactly why Brandon thrives in the field because he informs clients so thoroughly that an otherwise stressful experience becomes enjoyable. His love of teaching and counselling is always highlighted and in turn, Brandon’s clients love to learn. “When going through properties, I show my client's different tips and tricks and when they start pointing those same things out to me, it’s very rewarding, because I am engaging them in the process.” With Brandon, you can always expect personalized service, there will be no blanket advice or standardized advice. It’s all about what’s important to you and the situation at hand. A second-generation realtor with over 10 years’ experience, Brandon is constantly recognized for the level of integrity that he brings to his work. He can thank his small-town roots for that, “Starting my career in Sarnia, it’s such a small city, word would get around for realtors with misdealings.” When he’s not busy working or spending time with his family, Talbot enjoys improv acting, “Making people laugh gives me great joy.”