2021 Burnaby Condos Price Per Square Foot Ranking

RankBuilding NameAddressAvg. Price/sqft
1Sussex4711 Hazel St, Burnaby
$1,185 /sqftNA
2Sun Towers Metrotown6398 Silver Ave, Burnaby
$1,147 /sqftNA
3The Amazing Brentwood 34650 Brentwood Blvd, Burnaby
$1,108 /sqftNA
4Station Square4670 Assembly Way, Burnaby
$1,075 /sqft6.54%
5Met 26550 Nelson Ave, Burnaby
$1,045 /sqft2.67%
6The Amazing Brentwood4510 Halifax St, Burnaby
$1,045 /sqft1.45%
7The Met6560 Nelson Ave, Burnaby
$1,033 /sqft6.56%
8Metroplace6461 Telford Ave, Burnaby
$1,028 /sqft8.69%
9Gold House6377 McKay Ave, Burnaby
$1,026 /sqft4.26%
10The Park Metrotown6668 Nelson Ave, Burnaby
$1,026 /sqft3.59%
11Altus4485 Skyline Dr, Burnaby
$1,020 /sqft1.20%
12Triomphe1888 Gilmore Ave, Burnaby
$1,019 /sqft3.01%
13Imperial5051 Imperial St, Burnaby
$1,009 /sqft13.77%
14Modello6225 Cassie Ave, Burnaby
$1,006 /sqft2.75%
15Waterfall at Lumina Brentwood2427 Beta Ave, Burnaby
$999 /sqftNA
16Sovereign4539 Kingsway, Burnaby
$999 /sqft0.96%
17Silver6333 Silver Ave, Burnaby
$991 /sqft2.10%
18Stratus2008 Rosser Ave, Burnaby
$972 /sqft1.48%
19Aldynne on the Park5883 Barker Ave, Burnaby
$969 /sqft1.37%
20Juneau2287 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby
$967 /sqftNA
21Fulton House2338 Madison Ave, Burnaby
$963 /sqft0.82%
22Moda6658 Dow Ave, Burnaby
$956 /sqft6.94%
23Milano2378 Alpha Ave, Burnaby
$944 /sqft6.28%
24Midori6638 Dunblane Ave, Burnaby
$935 /sqft4.76%
25Redbrick Heights4055 Pender St, Burnaby
$933 /sqft29.42%
26Kings Crossing7350 Edmonds St, Burnaby
$929 /sqft7.86%
27Escala1788 Gilmore Ave, Burnaby
$916 /sqft5.62%
28Chancellor4880 Bennett St, Burnaby
$906 /sqft0.50%
29Terraces at The Peak8940 University Crescent, Burnaby
$904 /sqft37.86%
30Seasons5418 Broadway, Burnaby
$895 /sqft9.27%
31Infinity5355 Lane St, Burnaby
$882 /sqft11.05%
323868 Pender Street Townhouses3868 Pender St, Burnaby
$881 /sqftNA
33Villagio4238 Albert St, Burnaby
$881 /sqftNA
34Madison4307 Hastings St, Burnaby
$880 /sqft1.28%
35Aviara4189 Halifax St, Burnaby
$877 /sqft2.92%
36Savile Row5108 Claude Ave, Burnaby
$875 /sqft23.26%
37Mondeo3811 Hastings St, Burnaby
$874 /sqft19.39%
38Cassia6965 Hastings St, Burnaby
$868 /sqft29.46%
39Affinity2200 Douglas Rd, Burnaby
$863 /sqft10.63%
40Vantage2077 Rosser Ave, Burnaby
$853 /sqft0.49%
41Oma 24250 Dawson St, Burnaby
$853 /sqft8.43%
42Jewel6188 Wilson Ave, Burnaby
$852 /sqft5.19%
43Madison & Dawson2188 Madison Ave, Burnaby
$846 /sqft4.89%
44Saavin Living6968 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby
$846 /sqft0.16%
45North Parc5655 Inman Ave, Burnaby
$845 /sqft12.53%
46Altezza4710 Hastings St, Burnaby
$842 /sqft3.07%
47The Buchanan1889 Rosser Ave, Burnaby
$838 /sqftNA
48Pacifico7180 Barnet Rd, Burnaby
$831 /sqft30.90%
49Subora6875 Dunblane Ave, Burnaby
$822 /sqft6.65%
50Toscana7738 Edmonds St, Burnaby
$821 /sqft18.07%
51Pixel6283 Kingsway, Burnaby
$821 /sqft7.16%
52Oma2355 Madison Ave, Burnaby
$817 /sqft3.99%
53Jewel II6168 Wilson Ave, Burnaby
$813 /sqft1.73%
54Me-Anta7001 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby
$810 /sqft9.44%
55Watercolours2289 Yukon Crescent, Burnaby
$806 /sqft6.67%
56The Harris4768 Brentwood Dr, Burnaby
$806 /sqft6.42%
57Verdi on the Heights3971 Hastings St, Burnaby
$803 /sqft2.11%
58Centrepoint4800 Hazel St, Burnaby
$802 /sqft3.08%
59Tandem4140 Dawson St, Burnaby
$799 /sqft0.30%
60Towne Walk5655 Chaffey Ave, Burnaby
$794 /sqftNA
61Park 3607088 18th Av, Burnaby
$793 /sqft7.37%
62Redbrick7008 14th Ave, Burnaby
$789 /sqft9.03%
63Luma6688 Arcola St, Burnaby
$789 /sqft0.45%
64Cranberry Commons Co-Housing4272 Albert St, Burnaby
$788 /sqft0.96%
65Viva7227 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby
$786 /sqftNA
66Esprit II7325 Arcola St, Burnaby
$786 /sqft7.69%
67Fitzgerald4888 Brentwood Dr, Burnaby
$785 /sqft4.55%
68Reflections7090 Edmonds St, Burnaby
$782 /sqft2.24%
69Green7478 Byrnepark Walk, Burnaby
$781 /sqft5.52%
70Arcadia7178 Collier St, Burnaby
$779 /sqft11.66%
71Storybrook7131 Stride Ave, Burnaby
$776 /sqft2.01%
72Belvedere6823 Station Hill Dr, Burnaby
$776 /sqft13.70%
73Perspectives2133 Douglas Rd, Burnaby
$774 /sqft5.58%
74Cameron3399 Noel Dr, Burnaby
$774 /sqft3.99%
75Eden7168 Stride Ave, Burnaby
$771 /sqftNA
76Highland House9025 Highland Crt, Burnaby
$770 /sqft13.28%
77Madison Gardens1203 Madison Ave, Burnaby
$770 /sqft6.38%
78The Hub9009 Cornerstone Mews, Burnaby
$767 /sqft8.58%
79MacPherson Walk North5788 Sidley St, Burnaby
$767 /sqft1.18%
80Macdonald House4833 Brentwood Dr, Burnaby
$764 /sqft10.90%
81The Dawson4468 Dawson St, Burnaby
$763 /sqft1.04%
82Carmichael House4868 Brentwood Dr, Burnaby
$762 /sqft5.92%
837159 STRIDE AVENUE7159 Stride Ave, Burnaby
$760 /sqft8.27%
84Parkview Townhomes4033 Dominion St, Burnaby
$756 /sqft2.87%
85Thomson House4799 Brentwood Dr, Burnaby
$755 /sqft0.75%
86Esprit I7328 Arcola St, Burnaby
$753 /sqft10.32%
87Emerson7063 Hall Ave, Burnaby
$752 /sqft9.07%
88Arcadia West7108 Collier St, Burnaby
$750 /sqft2.56%
89Mosaic2138 Madison Ave, Burnaby
$749 /sqft0.42%
90Decorus5588 Patterson Ave, Burnaby
$747 /sqft8.33%
91Collage4783 Dawson St, Burnaby
$746 /sqft2.64%
92Vibe7377 14th Ave, Burnaby
$745 /sqft12.90%
93Axis7225 Acorn Ave, Burnaby
$745 /sqft7.06%
94The Peak8850 University Crescent, Burnaby
$745 /sqft10.78%
95Phoenix5388 Grimmer St, Burnaby
$744 /sqft12.11%
96MacPherson Walk West5665 Irmin St, Burnaby
$744 /sqft6.00%
97Ledgestone7488 Southwynde Ave, Burnaby
$743 /sqft13.66%
98Montage4728 Dawson St, Burnaby
$741 /sqft4.17%
99Parkside Greene3888 Norfolk St, Burnaby
$740 /sqft9.64%
100Buchanan West4388 Buchanan St, Burnaby
$739 /sqft12.14%
101Panacasa3255 Smith Ave, Burnaby
$738 /sqft19.44%
102Memento2088 Beta Ave, Burnaby
$735 /sqft0.30%
103Richview3753 Manor St, Burnaby
$735 /sqftNA
104Cadence7337 Macpherson Ave, Burnaby
$733 /sqft9.26%
105Marquis Grande4132 Halifax St, Burnaby
$733 /sqft5.85%
106Royal Garden5211 Irmin St, Burnaby
$733 /sqftNA
107Buchanan North4380 Halifax St, Burnaby
$733 /sqft4.46%
108Presidia4333 Central Blvd, Burnaby
$732 /sqft1.34%
109Oakterra5211 Grimmer St, Burnaby
$731 /sqft2.79%
110Hilltop Greene368 Ellesmere Ave, Burnaby
$731 /sqft11.99%
111Patterson Park4155 Central Blvd, Burnaby
$730 /sqft4.75%
112Britton7458 Britton St, Burnaby
$729 /sqft6.22%
113Deer Lake Breeze6588 Elgin Ave, Burnaby
$728 /sqft0.93%
114Thurston Street3748 Thurston St, Burnaby
$728 /sqft0.89%
115The Sevens7777 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby
$728 /sqft5.40%
116Ventura6893 Prenter St, Burnaby
$728 /sqft13.86%
117Heathercrest5950 Oakdale Rd, Burnaby
$726 /sqft19.13%
118Buchanan East4398 Buchanan St, Burnaby
$725 /sqft6.59%
119Varley4728 Brentwood Dr, Burnaby
$724 /sqft0.19%
120West7088 Salisbury Ave, Burnaby
$723 /sqft2.07%
121Casa D'Oro7533 Gilley Ave, Burnaby
$721 /sqft16.27%
122Motif4400 Buchanan St, Burnaby
$721 /sqft9.72%
123Westridge Living7198 Barnet Rd, Burnaby
$721 /sqftNA
124Fresco2088 Madison Ave, Burnaby
$720 /sqft4.25%
125Mayfair Place7368 Sandborne Ave, Burnaby
$719 /sqft8.78%
1266988 Arcola Street6988 Arcola St, Burnaby
$718 /sqftNA
127Acacia Gardens7388 Macpherson Ave, Burnaby
$717 /sqft19.28%
128Lexington North3709 Pender St, Burnaby
$717 /sqft24.62%
129Metro I5248 Grimmer St, Burnaby
$717 /sqft1.69%
130Villa Jardin6833 Station Hill Dr, Burnaby
$717 /sqft9.25%
131Southborough7503 18th St, Burnaby
$714 /sqft9.19%
132Carmel6833 Village Green, Burnaby
$711 /sqft1.75%
133Ivory Mews7250 18th Ave, Burnaby
$706 /sqft3.21%
134Metro Pointe Gardens5155 Watling St, Burnaby
$703 /sqftNA
135Silhouette9868 Cameron St, Burnaby
$702 /sqft5.08%
136Botanica7330 Salisbury Ave, Burnaby
$702 /sqft12.76%
137Prince Albert Villas3755 Albert St, Burnaby
$699 /sqftNA
138The Heights3768 Hastings St, Burnaby
$699 /sqftNA
139The Monarch4567 Hazel St, Burnaby
$698 /sqft6.45%
140The Newmark4888 Hazel St, Burnaby
$697 /sqft0.46%
141Clarke House At Central Park3895 Sandell St, Burnaby
$696 /sqft4.06%
142Capitol Hill388 Ellesmere Ave, Burnaby
$696 /sqftNA
143Lexington4657 Hazel St, Burnaby
$696 /sqft3.21%
144Claridges6837 Station Hill Dr, Burnaby
$693 /sqft4.93%
145MacPherson Walk East5881 Irmin St, Burnaby
$693 /sqft1.17%
146Villo Metrotown7039 Macpherson Ave, Burnaby
$692 /sqft10.41%
147Wimbledon Club6188 Patterson Ave, Burnaby
$692 /sqft3.78%
148Highland Park6088 Beresford St, Burnaby
$689 /sqft14.14%
149Ledgestone II7428 Southwynde Ave, Burnaby
$687 /sqft10.47%
150Metro6857 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby
$686 /sqft15.50%
151Strathmore Lane3379 Morrey Crt, Burnaby
$685 /sqft10.84%
152Paramount5833 Wilson Ave, Burnaby
$682 /sqft4.38%
153Monticello4458 Albert St, Burnaby
$681 /sqftNA
154Polaris4425 Halifax St, Burnaby
$678 /sqft0.20%
155The Madison4689 Hazel St, Burnaby
$677 /sqft0.51%
156Cortina6888 Southpoint Dr, Burnaby
$675 /sqft4.44%
157Kabana6888 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby
$675 /sqft2.52%
158Stonebrook3288 Noel Dr, Burnaby
$675 /sqftNA
159Laurel3788 Laurel St, Burnaby
$672 /sqft20.61%
160Oakwood6508 Denbigh Ave, Burnaby
$671 /sqft2.81%
161Terramor9133 Government St, Burnaby
$670 /sqft15.64%
162Deer Lake Walk6538 Elgin Ave, Burnaby
$669 /sqft6.04%
163Halley Lane5525 Halley Ave, Burnaby
$668 /sqftNA
164The Crystal6088 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby
$668 /sqft5.72%
165Paramount II5899 Wilson Ave, Burnaby
$666 /sqft9.54%
166Maplewood Terrace7370 Stride Ave, Burnaby
$666 /sqft1.70%
167Gemini II6659 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby
$664 /sqft2.40%
168Grand Central Park Place6128 Patterson Ave, Burnaby
$664 /sqft6.98%
169Altitude9060 University Crescent, Burnaby
$664 /sqft2.14%
170Ashbury7071 Edmonds St, Burnaby
$662 /sqft3.52%
171CentreBlock9050 Highland Crt, Burnaby
$661 /sqftNA
172Saltspring6745 Station Hill Crt, Burnaby
$661 /sqft15.75%
173Belgravia6838 Station Hill Dr, Burnaby
$660 /sqft5.77%
174Edgeview Manor4625 Grange St, Burnaby
$659 /sqft5.29%
175Novo 29262 University Crescent, Burnaby
$655 /sqft4.96%
176Legacy2225 Holdom Ave, Burnaby
$654 /sqft0.41%
177Parkside Manor6455 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby
$648 /sqft23.38%
178Southpointe6736 Southpoint Dr, Burnaby
$647 /sqft3.78%
179Gateway City Homes7499 6th St, Burnaby
$647 /sqft3.73%
180The Terrace5335 Hastings St, Burnaby
$647 /sqft26.95%
181Stanford House7138 Collier St, Burnaby
$647 /sqft5.14%
182Middlegate Tower7171 Beresford St, Burnaby
$644 /sqft20.88%
183Tudor Grove6588 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby
$643 /sqft4.88%
184Thurston Gardens3701 Thurston St, Burnaby
$643 /sqft22.58%
185Veritas8888 University Dr, Burnaby
$640 /sqft0.11%
186Aurora9266 University Crescent, Burnaby
$639 /sqft6.81%
187Saturna5988 Hastings St, Burnaby
$635 /sqft0.42%
188Lift9350 University High St, Burnaby
$635 /sqft1.99%
189Gemini I6611 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby
$634 /sqft2.36%
190Wedgewood Villa3787 Pender St, Burnaby
$634 /sqft7.36%
191McGregor8485 New Haven Cl, Burnaby
$633 /sqft5.67%
192Bella7655 Edmonds St, Burnaby
$631 /sqft4.49%
193Wyndham Court6740 Station Hill Crt, Burnaby
$631 /sqftNA
194Savoy Carlton6888 Station Hill Dr, Burnaby
$628 /sqft10.98%
195Novo I9288 University Crescent, Burnaby
$627 /sqft15.62%
196Somerset House4105 Imperial St, Burnaby
$626 /sqft24.76%
197Somerset Hill7025 Stride Ave, Burnaby
$626 /sqftNA
198The Regent5790 Patterson Ave, Burnaby
$623 /sqft8.90%
199Grand Corniche I6240 McKay Ave, Burnaby
$621 /sqft1.89%
200Village Del Mar7433 16th St, Burnaby
$620 /sqft21.32%
201Southgate7333 16th Ave, Burnaby
$620 /sqft0.66%
202Orchard Lane4288 Sardis St, Burnaby
$619 /sqft11.26%
203Canyon Woods6888 Rumble St, Burnaby
$616 /sqftNA
204Carlton On The Park4350 Beresford St, Burnaby
$614 /sqft2.38%
205Crystal Place4603 Hazel St, Burnaby
$614 /sqft7.01%
206Riverstone7128 Stride Ave, Burnaby
$614 /sqft2.51%
207Boundary View3740 Albert St, Burnaby
$614 /sqft14.18%
208Kenwood5200 Oakmount Crescent, Burnaby
$614 /sqftNA
209Gibraltar6622 Southoaks Crescent, Burnaby
$613 /sqft2.33%
210Fairway Lane1588 Duthie Ave, Burnaby
$611 /sqft22.14%
211Place On The Park4165 Maywood St, Burnaby
$611 /sqft12.12%
212Cascade West3770 Manor St, Burnaby
$610 /sqft6.08%
213Meridian By The Park6670 Rumble St, Burnaby
$609 /sqftNA
214Altaire9188 University Crescent, Burnaby
$609 /sqft0.33%
215The Heights At Royal Oak7170 Antrim Ave, Burnaby
$604 /sqft10.51%
216City Club on the Park7077 Beresford St, Burnaby
$603 /sqft3.71%
217Place Meridian5967 Wilson Ave, Burnaby
$600 /sqft6.28%
218The Metropolitan5885 Olive Ave, Burnaby
$599 /sqft6.57%
219Chancery Lane8533 Cumberland Pl, Burnaby
$599 /sqft12.54%
220The Balmoral4830 Bennett St, Burnaby
$597 /sqft2.48%
221The Evergreen4825 Hazel St, Burnaby
$597 /sqft5.49%
222Sandlewood9098 Halston Crt, Burnaby
$595 /sqft0.15%
223Cascade Village3461 Curle Ave, Burnaby
$594 /sqft10.81%
224Park Avenue Towers4194 Maywood St, Burnaby
$594 /sqft5.81%
225Augusta Grove1750 Augusta Ave, Burnaby
$594 /sqft0.07%
226Serenity9229 University Crescent, Burnaby
$594 /sqft15.55%
227Winchelsea3733 Norfolk St, Burnaby
$592 /sqft4.52%
228Harbour Ridge Terrace7130 Barnet Rd, Burnaby
$591 /sqft18.82%
229Sixth Street Villa7908 Graham Ave, Burnaby
$590 /sqftNA
230Norfolk Place4181 Norfolk St, Burnaby
$585 /sqftNA
231Cottonwood Grove5577 Smith Ave, Burnaby
$584 /sqft11.08%
232Grand Corniche II6220 McKay Ave, Burnaby
$583 /sqft2.19%
233Strathmore Towers9623 Manchester Dr, Burnaby
$582 /sqft7.00%
234Orchard Court5575 Patterson Ave, Burnaby
$579 /sqftNA
235Huntley Manor6595 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby
$578 /sqft16.98%
236Rossmoor9151 Forest Grove Dr, Burnaby
$577 /sqft31.47%
237Canford Corner7179 18th Ave, Burnaby
$576 /sqft7.65%
238The Beresford7377 Salisbury Ave, Burnaby
$576 /sqft19.00%
239Southwood Estates7557 Humphries Crt, Burnaby
$573 /sqftNA
240Durham Place5695 Chaffey Ave, Burnaby
$573 /sqftNA
241Governor's Walk6820 Rumble St, Burnaby
$572 /sqft6.08%
242Nest9250 University High St, Burnaby
$571 /sqft5.27%
243Erickson Tower9541 Erickson Dr, Burnaby
$570 /sqft16.05%
244Dunhill7288 Acorn Ave, Burnaby
$568 /sqft14.25%
245Parkcrest5932 Patterson Ave, Burnaby
$566 /sqft8.28%
246The Harrington3970 Carrigan Crt, Burnaby
$565 /sqft6.18%
247Ingleton Place3920 Hastings St, Burnaby
$565 /sqft11.16%
248Times Square4200 Mayberry St, Burnaby
$565 /sqft2.25%
249Concorde Place9521 Cardston Crt, Burnaby
$564 /sqftNA
250Crescent Heights8868 16th Ave, Burnaby
$563 /sqft28.24%
251St. Andrews5262 Oakmount Crescent, Burnaby
$562 /sqft2.53%
252Central Park Place4160 Sardis St, Burnaby
$561 /sqft4.48%
253Mission Woods6707 Southpoint Dr, Burnaby
$561 /sqft0.40%
254Bell Park Terrace3420 Bell Ave, Burnaby
$561 /sqft3.32%
255Kensington House6689 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby
$561 /sqft7.73%
256La Mirage6055 Nelson Ave, Burnaby
$560 /sqft1.74%
257Central Park Place5663 Inman Ave, Burnaby
$560 /sqftNA
258Sandborne Hill7465 Sandborne Ave, Burnaby
$559 /sqft3.36%
259Ashcombe8415 Cumberland Pl, Burnaby
$559 /sqft8.47%
260One University Crescent9310 University Crescent, Burnaby
$559 /sqft1.88%
261Brent Gardens4353 Halifax St, Burnaby
$558 /sqft4.46%
262Burlington Square6540 Burlington Ave, Burnaby
$555 /sqft20.85%
263Maple Glade4951 Sanders St, Burnaby
$555 /sqftNA
264Salisbury Square7235 Salisbury Ave, Burnaby
$552 /sqft19.34%
265Sylvan Court7188 Edmonds St, Burnaby
$548 /sqft0.77%
266Ambassador7321 Halifax St, Burnaby
$547 /sqft8.14%
267Parkhill7108 Edmonds St, Burnaby
$547 /sqft2.57%
268Balmoral On The Park6759 Willingdon Ave, Burnaby
$545 /sqft1.78%
269Crystal Gate7139 18th Ave, Burnaby
$545 /sqft2.61%
270Deerfield7501 Cumberland St, Burnaby
$543 /sqft19.31%
271The Embassy6152 Kathleen Ave, Burnaby
$541 /sqft3.15%
272The Courtyards6735 Station Hill Crt, Burnaby
$539 /sqft0.84%
273Discovery Place3980 Carrigan Crt, Burnaby
$537 /sqft5.68%
274Parkview Place II7368 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby
$529 /sqft16.45%
275Harmony9319 University Crescent, Burnaby
$525 /sqft0.75%
276Sandborne Woods7345 Sandborne Ave, Burnaby
$523 /sqft9.00%
277Seasons By The Lake5221 Oakmount Crescent, Burnaby
$519 /sqft8.12%
278Westmount Park7520 18th St, Burnaby
$518 /sqftNA
279Douglas View1955 Woodway Pl, Burnaby
$513 /sqft4.84%
280Edgewood Place9280 Salish Crt, Burnaby
$511 /sqft4.26%
281Vantage Point II2060 Bellwood Ave, Burnaby
$510 /sqft13.78%
282The Cedarwood5340 Hastings St, Burnaby
$509 /sqft5.62%
283Anola Place2041 Bellwood Ave, Burnaby
$508 /sqft1.01%
284The Courtyard5375 Victory St, Burnaby
$506 /sqft2.39%
285Barker Place5565 Barker Ave, Burnaby
$502 /sqft2.94%
286The Empress6282 Kathleen Ave, Burnaby
$500 /sqft0.20%
287Barclay Woods9857 Manchester Dr, Burnaby
$498 /sqft0.08%
288Augusta Springs1675 Augusta Ave, Burnaby
$497 /sqft9.97%
289Woodstone Place9101 Horne St, Burnaby
$493 /sqft5.28%
290Lougheed Estates3921 Carrigan Crt, Burnaby
$493 /sqft11.94%
291Panorama Place4345 Grange St, Burnaby
$489 /sqft2.12%
292Sierra Ridge7488 Mulberry Pl, Burnaby
$487 /sqft2.05%
293Villa Montecito7319 Montecito Dr, Burnaby
$478 /sqft17.57%
294Hambry Court6105 Kingsway, Burnaby
$475 /sqft2.22%
295Timberlea3755 Bartlett Crt, Burnaby
$471 /sqft3.51%
296The Timbers9270 Salish Crt, Burnaby
$470 /sqft0.36%
297Cameron Tower9595 Erickson Dr, Burnaby
$468 /sqft0.25%
298Hillside Terrace1945 Woodway Pl, Burnaby
$462 /sqft3.37%
299Mountainwood9125 Capella Dr, Burnaby
$462 /sqft7.17%
300Brookside Court9880 Manchester Dr, Burnaby
$458 /sqft0.68%
301Creekside Manor5330 Broadway, Burnaby
$456 /sqftNA
302Brookside Park9620 Manchester Dr, Burnaby
$456 /sqft0.24%
303Hartlands5201 Oakmount Crescent, Burnaby
$451 /sqft15.75%
304Vantage Point2020 Bellwood Ave, Burnaby
$446 /sqft0.84%
305Lougheed Estates9202 Horne St, Burnaby
$438 /sqftNA
306Bakerview7151 Edmonds St, Burnaby
$434 /sqft11.01%
307Valhalla Court3883 Laurel St, Burnaby
$429 /sqft4.63%
308Braemar Gardens9061 Horne St, Burnaby
$421 /sqft3.05%
309Linden House7180 Linden Ave, Burnaby
$402 /sqft4.02%
310Sunridge7465 Mulberry Pl, Burnaby
$391 /sqft14.34%
311Valhalla Court1802 Duthie Ave, Burnaby
$364 /sqft25.14%