Smart Home Tech to Change Your Life

10 Smart Home Devices to Change Your Life

Two weeks ago, Las Vegas was taken over by tech-enthusiasts, electronic design start-ups, and top dog companies such as Google and Amazon for the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show. One of the main areas of the show is new smart home technologies and design, which hold a special place in our heart. Here are some of our favourite new smart home products— from home monitoring to robot butlers—at CES 2019.


Top smart home products from CES 2019


1) Lenovo Smart Clock

smart home devices lenovo clock

Lenovo Smart Clock

Start your day like a champion— with a swift smack of the snooze button! This smart clock is designed with touch-technology so all it takes is one tap of your finger to snooze or two taps to end the alarm. It also works with Google Home Assistant, so you can control your home lights, play music, or search the internet with voice commands.



2) The Foldimate

Smart home tech devices the foldimate

The Foldimate

Sick and tired of having to fold your own clothes? Wish there was a printer-shaped machine that would take your clean laundry and fold it nicely for you? Well, look no further than the Foldimate laundry-folding robot. While the machine has difficulty with certain fabrics and materials, it claims to be able to fold 25 items of clothing in five minutes. Just think of what you could do with those extra five minutes! Boy oh boy!



3) The Hupnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask

Smart home devices Hupnos Sleep Mask

Hupnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask

Do you snore? Does someone you love snore? The Hupnos anti-snoring sleep mask covers your eyes and nose and monitors your breathing patterns to detect snoring. Once detected, the mask vibrates to encourage you to change sleeping positions or it applies pressure to your airways to try to reduce your snoring. If that doesn’t work, the mask screams, “SHUT UP!” Just kidding.



4) The Maximus Answer Dual Cam Video Doorbell

Smart Home devices Maximus Dual Cam Video Doorbell

Maximus Dual Cam Video Door Bell

Never miss a package delivery ever again! The Maximus video doorbell has two motion-sensor cameras, one facing outwards to your guest, the other angled down to keep an eye on your home deliveries. With your phone, you can view the camera feed and talk to anyone at your door, or you can leave an “I’m away” message to play when people knock.

Designed with home security in mind, this one might be more suitable for a house or townhouse, as condo owners would likely need permission from their condo board to install this on the unit door or on the wall nearby.



5) Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

Smart home devices Leeo smart alert nightlight

Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

This one is sure to have divided reactions. The Leeo Smart Nightlight is a home monitoring system designed to detect irregularities in sound, temperature, movement, and light in your home. It’s a safe guard for the whole apartment or house, but it’s being marketed towards young techies as a tool to monitor their aging parents who might live alone. If the app hears the sounds of a fall or notices a prolonged lack of movement in the home, it will send an alert to your phone.

With safety in mind, these home-monitoring apps should always be researched and reviewed extensively to ensure they are respecting people’s privacy. What is the company doing with the information they are collecting with the app and who has access to that data?


6) The Kohler Konnect Smart Bathroom

Smart Home devices smart bathrooms Kohler

Kohler’s Smart Toilet – The Numi

Okay, who’s ever thought, “Gee, I sure wish my toilet was smarter!” Everyone, that’s who. Now, thanks to Kohler Konnect Smart Bathroom designs and products, smart toilets are just the beginning. Integrated with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, these voice-operated smart bathroom features range from lighted mirrors and overhead lighting “mood” settings to water control in the bath and shower. Oh, and the smart toilet can be told to close its own lid and when to flush.



7) Lamborghini Massage Chair

Smart Home Tech Lamborghini inspired massage chair

Bodyfriend Lamborghini Massage Chair

Complete your living room interior design with a fashionable Lamborghini Massage Chair. It’s the perfect way to end a long day working in the city. And, best of all, it’s a mere $30,000. The full-body massage chair has a dashboard control panel to customize your chair settings, play music, adjust the heat, and select a massage style. What more can you ask for, really?



8) GoSun Fusion Solar Cooker

Smart home devices GoSun solar power cooking

GoSun Fusion Cooker

Could this be the way of the future for green living? The GoSun Fusion is designed to feed a family of five, using solar/electric power technology. The cooker is equipped with a solar power panel and bank to charge and store energy for cooking, capable of reaching 550 degrees. Other smart tech products coming from the company include a solar table and solar-powered cooler, not to mention a lineup of other solar powered grills and accessories that look awesome for camping.



9) Temi Personal Robot

Smart home devices Temi smart personal robot

Temi Personal Robot

Whatever you feel about servants, some smart tech companies are hoping you’ll warm up to the idea of personal home robots. Meet Temi, the personal robot assistant. Temi has been designed to accompany you around your home, acting much like a living smart phone. Temi can follow you around your home, remember locations, and it has a tray on the back to hold things, such as drinks or appetizers at a party. Priced at $1500, Temi has an 8 hour battery lifespan and takes 3 hours to recharge.



10) Walker Robot from Ubtech

Smart home devices The Walker personal robot

Walker Robot from Ubtech

A two-legged walking robot that can apparently dance and pick up a glass of water (with the upgraded arm attachments), this is Walker from Ubtech. Sill very young, the world of robotic personal assistants still seems hyped around the entertainment value from playing music, carrying drinks, bringing you food, and even dancing. The smart technology, however, is built upon active learning sensors and has immense potential to revolutionize the at-home personal care industry. The Walker is expected to adapt to new environments and terrains, develop hand-eye coordination, and learn facial recognition. If we assume that one day a personal robot is affordable, this little guy could act as baby-sitter, home nurse, or simply a butler or home security guard. For now, let’s dance!


If all this smart home technology stuff really floats your boat, check out CNET Smart Home Reviews for more info on smart home products and devices.