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Historical Average Price Per for Condos in Humber Heights | Westmount

Average Condo Sale Prices for Condos in Humber Heights | Westmount

Based on 50 condo sales in the past 12 months
LOWAvg. of lowest 10% Average HighAvg. of highest 10%
1 BED Condos $293,000996 = $294/ $353,333974 = $363/ $402,000953 = $422/
2 BED Condos $350,0001273 = $275/ $435,7251267 = $344/ $520,0001339 = $388/
2 BED+DEN Condos $359,9501245 = $289/ $452,5001090 = $415/ $540,0001035 = $522/
3 BED Condos $324,0001406 = $230/ $491,0301570 = $313/ $901,0002321 = $388/
3 BED+DEN Condos $290,0001320 = $220/ $394,8001347 = $293/ $495,0001320 = $375/

Area Description and Stats

Condo Living in Humber Heights | Westmount

Nestled along the west bank of the Humber River Valley, Humber Heights | Westmount, sometimes just called Humbervale, is a calm and secluded neighbourhood that Toronto Life named the safest community in Toronto in 2011. You’ll find Etobicoke condos for sale here in mostly high-rise buildings along the south of Scarlett Road, as well as select townhouse units.

Filled with expansive green front lawns lined with old and new growth trees, and a mix of mansions and modest single-family homes, Humber Heights | Westmount is a lovely area for an evening stroll and a place where you’ll get to know your neighbours. There is a small shopping plaza on La Rose Avenue with a bakery and Pizza Pizza, but for more exciting shopping you’ll want to head south to Humbertown Shopping Centre to find 50 shops and business from professional services to children’s stores. In the 1950s, parts of the neighbourhood were washed out when Hurricane Hazel flooded the Humber Valley. Such intimacy with the valley gives this area its unique character, and it's certainly an inviting place for anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

Nearby bus routes along Scarlett Avenue, Royal York Road, and Lawrence Avenue in the north make Humber Heights | Westmount a reasonably easy area to get around, but driving is probably the most common transportation. Lawrence Avenue connects to the Weston Station UpTrain service, as well as the Yonge-University line at Lawrence West Station. Drivers will find Royal York Road to be the best bet to go south to the Gardiner Expressway or north to the 401.