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Toronto Condo Blog

Toronto Condo Rentals: Temporary Wallpaper Adds Wow-Factor

Wallpaper has made a huge resurgence and with today’s brilliant designs and easier application methods, it’s easy to see why. But when renting a condo in Toronto, your landlord may be less than enthusiastic about traditional wallpaper as it can be a pain to remove and isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

Whether you’re looking at condos for rent in Toronto and struggling to see past the typically bland décor or you’re already a tenant who wants to change things up and add some pizzazz to your space, temporary wallpaper may be your best design weapon to combat rental condo blahs.

Yorkville Condos That Don’t Break The Bank

Yorkville isn’t exactly synonymous with value when it comes to shopping for affordable condos for sale in Toronto. And the average cost per sq. ft. is only increasing with the host of newer build, swank abodes like 133 Hazleton Residences and the highly anticipated The Perry, currently under construction. But if you have your heart set on this stylish neighbourhood, there are a number of Yorkville condos that are surprisingly well priced.

It’s true that the more affordable condos in Yorkville tend to be in older buildings which often means higher maintenance fees but here are three options that offer a good balance of lower than average prices for the area, reasonable maintenance fees and decent design and finishes that make them well worth considering for all those Yorkville-dreamers on a budget.

Toronto Condos With The Best Outdoor Pools

Happy Canada Day condo community! We thought we’d do a summer fun piece today in anticipation of spending a lot more time outdoors. And who can resist a dive in a luxury swimming pool as a reprieve from a heat wave?

While a cool splash isn’t the driving force behind picking one condo for sale in Toronto over another, it certainly doesn’t hurt. And finding a condo with a stellar outdoor pool is a serious score. Here are our top picks for best outdoor condo pools in Toronto.

Buyers of New Toronto Condos Beware | Lessons from Urbancorp

When you buy pre-construction, even though ground hasn’t broken, you’re still buying a property, right? Not really. Like our lead image shows, what you’re actually buying is a promise, a hope of what might be. A promise that the condo, townhouse or home you’ve purchase will be delivered on time and on budget, without defect to the specifications agreed upon by both parties.

Well, like all promises, they’re only worth as much as the reputation of the person / company making them. So, for what’s likely the biggest purchase of someone’s life, people do their research and only purchase from someone they trust, right? Wrong again.

Summer Socials: Life At CityPlace Condos Heats Up

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, despite the bad rep that CityPlace has for being isolated from the action that other downtown Toronto condo communities experience, life at CityPlace is not what you may think.

I talked in my previous article about why I think people (including myself) needed to re-think CityPlace condos. We’ve had numerous clients buy into CityPlace who absolutely love it and what’s great is that it’s still evolving. There are many organizations working to ensure that the community feels connected, that there’s a vibrancy and dare I say soul to the neighbourhood.

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