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Toronto Condo Blog

What to Look for in an Investment Condo

With recent cuts to mortgage rates, we have many clients considering Toronto condos as investment properties. An investment portfolio that includes Toronto condo rentals can be an excellent equity growth strategy because when handled correctly, they pay for themselves monthly with added profit on top and you’re growing equity not just on your down payment, but on the bank’s money.

In addition, it’s a great time to invest in real estate as the rental market is on fire. Condos for rent in Toronto in hot locations can fetch top dollar, typically well above that of Toronto apartments for rent in houses. Plus, condos for sale in Toronto are generally more affordable than houses and less time consuming to maintain.

Amenities That Have the Greatest Impact on Toronto Condo Maintenance Fees

We recently released an exciting new study exposing the truth about maintenance fees in Toronto condos. We took a look at the most commonly held beliefs about Toronto condo maintenance fees and revealed which were truths and which were in fact myths. You can read the full story on our blog and sign-up for free to become a condos’ Insider and gain access to maintenance fee trends for every condo building in Toronto.

This is the most comprehensive study on condo maintenance fees in Toronto ever conducted. We’re like kids in a candy store finding new ways to mine the data, discovering new stories to tell. Our goal is to empower buyers in their search of condos for sale in Toronto and help condo owners protect themselves (and their wallets) by understanding what a reasonable fee is so that they can assess the suitability of maintenance fees in their building and incite their condos boards to take action. This week, we’re looking at fees by amenity to see which amenities drive fees up the most and which have little or no impact on your monthly costs.

Lux for Less: Affordable Luxury in Toronto Condos

2014 saw a 38% increase over 2013 in the sale of luxury houses and condos in the GTA over a million dollars. Luxury condos are more in-demand than ever but not everyone can afford a seven-figure Toronto condo. The good news is that, with the vast selection of condos for sale in Toronto, you don’t have to be a top-earner to own a slice of luxury in the sky.

I’ve taken a look at the most popular features of luxury condos and found alternative, less expensive Toronto condos using our unique data and trends feature. Here are my top picks for Toronto condo buildings that offer exclusive locations, high-end design and extravagant amenities at significantly lower prices than the competition.

What Happens When a Developer Cancels a Condo Project?

It was devastating news for purchasers of UrbanCorp’s Kingsclub condos, a pre-construction Toronto condo building just north of Liberty Village. The developer recently announced an about-face on their building plans. Toronto condo rentals will replace these condos for sale in Toronto in King West. A move that left 181 buyers in the lurch.

Many purchased these pre-construction King West condos back in 2011 and have been waiting patiently as the project stalled out; the site was just entering the early phases of foundation work. Buyers were anticipating an update from the builder about delays but few would’ve expected the news that the project had in fact been cancelled.

Top Tips for Downsizing to a Toronto Condo

Empty-nesters are the new first-time buyers, at least when it comes to Toronto condos. According to Statistic Canada’s condominium dwellings stats from their latest National Housing Survey, over 65’s make up 26.1% of the Toronto condo market. We expect that figure to grow further.

Now, not all empty nesters choose Toronto condos as part of their retirement strategy. Baby boomers are the wealthiest generation in Canadian history and most are choosing to stay in their homes longer or buy a less expensive house as a downsizing strategy. But there is a sizeable segment of the boomer population that’s keen on downsizing to a Toronto condo to enjoy a vibrant urban lifestyle in a maintenance-free home, freeing up cash and time for new adventures like travel.

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