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Toronto Condo Blog

Top 5 Pet Friendly Condos In Toronto

With the Toronto housing market showing no signs of slowing (or becoming more affordable), more and more urbanites are calling a condo in Toronto home.

But we’re a city of pet lovers and so it’s not surprising that the market is demanding more pet friendly condos with rules and amenities that suit their furry occupants just as much as their human ones. In fact, according to Moneysense magazine, one of the top search terms used on is “pet friendly condos”.

North York Condos: Is Willowdale The Next Big Investment Area?

It’s been all over the news recently – how Willowdale has become the darling of the Toronto real estate market. We’re very active in the North York market and so we’ve been keeping a close eye on the trends for North York condos this year, particularly in Willowdale given what’s happening in the freehold market which, if you buy the hype, is one of the biggest localized boom’s this city has ever seen.

Media coverage like this Toronto Star article is based on a couple of things: firstly, recent reports by TREB that show   Secondly, the construction boom that happening as investors and end-users alike are gutting or tearing down older Willowdale homes, replacing them with massive McMansions.

October 2015 Toronto Condo Market + Buyer Advice

October’s sales results are in from TREB and it’s been another record-breaking month for Toronto real estate. The Toronto condo market is still going strong, reporting substantial growth both in sales volume and price increases across Toronto and the larger GTA.

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers followed by some tips for navigating through this hot market.


Toronto Condo Market Continues to Heat up Through the Fall

Revealing a similar picture to our September market report, Toronto condos continue to rise both in terms of number of sales and price increases year-over-year. But while sales are significantly up at +9.7%, we’re seeing a slight softening in the rate of price appreciation.

Yonge and Eglinton Condos A Great Choice This Year

We talked back in September about Toronto Life’s choice of Yonge and Eglinton for best neighbourhood to live in in Toronto. Let’s face it – there is subjectivity involved in these “scientific” studies. Comparing all 140 official Toronto neighbourhoods – let alone well over 200 once you add in all of our unofficial, micro neighbourhoods – is a complete apples to oranges task.

That said, if you were to narrow the criteria to a young professional buyer looking under the $500k mark or an investor looking to buy a safe bet rental property, then Yonge and Eglinton would definitely make our list of top locations to consider.

Top 5 King West Condos

King West is often compared to SoHo in New York and is one of Toronto’s most popular neighbourhoods for young professionals who like to work and play hard. It’s known as the “it” spot for some of the city’s best clubs and restaurants but more than anything else, King West has become synonymous with Condo Nation.

It’s true – no other neighbourhood offers the sheer volume of condos for sale in Toronto that King West does. It’s been a constant construction zone for the last decade stretching west from the Entertainment District. But all of that condo stock can actually make it harder for buyers because there’s almost too much to choose from. So, I’ve narrowed down the list of King West condos based on a number of criteria, the right mix of which will depend on your buying needs.

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