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Toronto Condo Blog

Small House Movement Part 3: Are Toronto Micro Condos Big On Value?

Earlier this week, my colleagues kicked off this series with a piece on the small housing movement followed by a post on laneway Toronto condos and their benefits in terms of addressing issues of affordable housing and density. That is, if City Hall cooperates.

Small living has a lot of benefits both in terms of lifestyle (purging and learning to live with less) as well as socio-economic and environmental. And as in the case of laneway housing, it’s not just about small interior space; it’s also about exploring the use of small plots of land for their build potential.

Small House Movement Part 2: Laneway Condos An Answer To Density Issues?

On Monday, my colleague started the discussion around Toronto’s small house movement and how the quest for affordability and available land has spurred a shift towards a less is more approach in architecture and design.

We took a look at a laneway house that shows how a small space can be big on design and function. The Gradient House in Kensington Market is located on a laneway infill site behind an existing freehold house. This idea of tucking properties in behind one another is not without its challenges but it’s something worth exploring given Toronto’s density issues in the core.

Small House Movement Part 1: Toronto’s Tiniest Homes

This week in a special three-part series, we’re looking at the small house movement and how issues of urban density are impacting the Toronto condo market – from the ever-shrinking condo in high-rise towers to creative use of under-utilized pockets of land like laneway spaces.

There’s no denying that Toronto has two major issues when it comes to housing: affordability and density, specifically lack of developable land in relation to anticipated population growth over the next few decades.

Dupont Condos On The Rise And The Galleria Mall Bids Farewell

BlogTO recently floated the idea that Dupont Avenue may just be the ideal stretch for Toronto’s next major condo boom. We’ve seen a ton of development happening in Wallace-Emerson around Dupont and Lansdowne but east of Lansdowne has been moving much more slowly, reportedly due to developer roadblocks at City Hall.

Change is bound to come eventually however. Just earlier this week, we found out that a developer associated with Freed has bought the Galleria Mall for a yet undisclosed purpose which one can only assume is to build a mixed-use condominium.

Growing Your Home Equity Faster In The Toronto Condo Market

On Monday, we took a look at the latest Toronto condo market figures. The trends we’ve been seeing all year are continuing, including dramatically rising sales along with a nice, steady value increase for Toronto condos.

The continued strength of the Toronto condo market really isn’t surprising given Toronto’s rising population figures coupled with a shortage in housing stock (and house prices that are out of reach of many buyers). Plus, low-interest mortgages and the ability to buy with as little as 5% down are creating more demand at the lower end of the market, particularly among first-time buyers. Remember though, high-ratio mortgages aren’t right for everyone.

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