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Toronto Condo Blog

Toronto Condo Market Update: September 2015

The Toronto Real Estate Board recently released September’s sales results:

Here’s what you need to know about the Toronto condo market as we move through the busy fall season.


Toronto Condo Market Continues to Rise Above Traditional Levels

For several years now, 4% has been the figure that most Realtors throw around for the average annual condo appreciation that Torontonians can expect. But that figure’s been exceeded nearly every month so far this year – quite dramatically in some months.

Our Favourite Micro Toronto Neighbourhoods

Toronto’s known as the city of neighbourhoods thanks to the strength and number of our varied communities.

While there are 140 official neighbourhoods recognized by the City of Toronto for administrative and planning purposes, some estimate there are closer to 240 unofficial ‘hoods where residents and local BIAs recognize their area as having a unique history and identity. Many of these unofficial pockets lie within the boundaries of official neighbourhoods and are often referred to as micro neighbourhoods.

5 Things To Know About Interim Occupancy In New Toronto Condos

I wanted to talk today about interim occupancy because it’s a term that still confuses many buyers.

Most buyers understand that when you buy a new Toronto condo either pre-construction, during the course of construction or on assignment, there will be a period of time when the building first opens, prior to the building being registered and owners taking title, where they will be required to assume their unit by paying what’s commonly known as “phantom rent” to the builder.

Best Re-sale Etobicoke Condos in Humber Bay Shores

On Monday, I kicked off this week’s special series on Humber Bay Shores with an overview of the revitalization project, one of Canada’s largest residential builds, transforming South Etobicoke’s skyline. On Wednesday, we took a look at the most anticipated new Humber Bay Shores condo developments and my thoughts on each.

Today, I want to take you through my picks for the best re-sale Etobicoke condos in Humber Bay Shores and what makes each worthy of a closer look.


Top 3 Etobicoke Condos In Humber Bay Shores The Best All ‘Rounder: Marina del Rey

One of the original condo complexes in Humber Bay Shores, Marina del Rey is a combination of three condo towers dating back to the early 90s.

The New Etobicoke Condos Transforming Humber Bay Shores

I’m talking this week about the new condo community of Humber Bay Shores in South Etobicoke.

On Monday, we looked at the overall development which is turning out to be one of Canada’s largest residential projects, rivaling what we’re seeing along Toronto’s shores with the Waterfront Toronto transformation. Today, I’m reviewing some of the most anticipated new condos under construction in Humber Bay Shores.

All in all, this is a very exciting development with some well-built, well-designed and well-priced Etobicoke condos for sale. That said, there are some new developments which have serious negatives attached to them that buyers need to be aware of. I’ll give you my thoughts here today but buyers also need to weigh up the risks themselves and confirm details before making (or indeed, walking away from) any pre-construction purchase.

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