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Toronto Condo Blog

Liberty Village, Part 2: Relief for Transit Woes?

In Part 1 of our series on the future of Liberty Village, we talked about the need for more family-sized Liberty Village condos to ensure a sustainable community. Today, let’s look at the topic that’s causing the most heated debate amongst residents and city officials: Liberty Village transit.


Transit Needs to Keep Pace with Population Growth

There’s a reason why condos for sale in Liberty Village are amongst the most popular in the city–convenience. Liberty Village is well-served by local area amenities and benefits from a prime location close to downtown and the waterfront. Because it was a purpose-built community (it didn’t sprout up organically), its infrastructure is stronger than many other Toronto neighbourhoods–you can find almost everything you need within its borders–making it a top neighbourhood choice for many of our clients looking at condos for sale in Toronto. But there are still improvements to be made, particularly when it comes to transit and congestion issues.

Liberty Village, Part 1: Family Matters

This week on our blog, we’re taking a close look at one of the most popular condo communities in Toronto: Liberty Village; specifically, what should come next in terms of community development. Today, in part one of this three piece series, let’s examine the need for family-sized Liberty Village condos to prevent an aging-out trend.


Liberty Village, What Does the Future Hold?

The phrase “Toronto condo community” has become virtually synonymous with Liberty Village real estate. Liberty Village is one of the most popular neighbourhoods for Toronto condos and it’s an area that I frequently recommend to my clients because of its prime location close to downtown, stellar amenities and the quality and wide selection of Liberty Village condos for sale. The attractive price points also make it an excellent starter community for first-time buyers.

Toronto Condo Décor: High vs Low Lighting

Spring is upon us. For many Toronto condo owners, that means it’s time for sprucing up the place. Whether you’re staying in your current condo but it needs a mini-makeover or you’re thinking of selling this spring, you’ll want your home to look its best. One of the fastest and most affordable décor updates is to swap out those boring and dated light fixtures.


Something as simple as a few, trendy new light fixtures can go a long way in setting Toronto condos for sale apart from the builder’s basics pack. And the great news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Check Your Toronto Condo for Kitec Plumbing

If your Toronto condo was built or renovated between 1995 and 2007, chances are Kitec Plumbing was used and that’s a problem. If you currently own a condo or you’re starting to look at Toronto condos for sale, you need to be aware of this issue.

Kitec Plumbing is a flexible form of polyethylene and aluminum plumbing that was recalled due to its tendency to deteriorate or fail altogether in situations of high water pressure or heat. For Toronto condos and homes that use Kitec plumbing and fittings, there’s a high probability of failure which could result not just in a minor leak but a full-on flood due to bursting pipes.

Toronto Condo Owners, First CO Alarm Deadline is Here

We cover many topics affecting Toronto condo owners on this blog but this may be one of the most important articles we’ve ever written. Each year, carbon monoxide poisoning claims more than 50 lives in Canada and injures hundreds more. Yet it’s not only preventable, it’s relatively affordable and easy to take those preventative measures.

Last October, after a six-year effort led by veteran firefighter John Gignac who lost four family members to preventable carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, it became law for every home in Ontario to have a CO alarm. Specifically, all Ontario residences with a fuel-burning appliance or fireplace as well as homes and condos attached to or nearby a garage (where occupants can unknowingly be exposed to exhaust fumes).

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