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Condo Living in High Park

When it comes to location, location, location, it’s hard to do much better than High Park. One of Toronto’s favourite neighbourhoods, its beauty leaves little to the imagination, especially in the spring when the park […]

What $400,000 Can Buy You in the Distillery District

It’s the million dollar — or rather four hundred thousand dollar — question: What can I get for my budget? It’s almost impossible to answer, since there are so many variables that go into the […]

What $400,000 Can Buy You in High Park

When you first get pre-approved for a mortgage, it’s hard not to fantasize about all the condos in Toronto that could potentially be yours. You start to wonder what your max. budget could buy you: a […]

Our Favourite Condo in the Distillery District This Month: Pure Spirit

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect pad, it’s hard not to let condo fatigue set in. After seeing so many condos in Toronto, they eventually start to all blur together. The next time […]

10 Best Loft Stores in Toronto

You’ve found the perfect loft in Toronto, submitted your offer and it has been accepted. Congratulations! You’re officially a homeowner. Now it’s time to fill it with furniture that is as distinctive and original as […]

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