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Our Favourite Futuristic Features In New Toronto Condos

In the fiercely competitive Toronto condo development market, we’ve seen more and more incentives over the years to grab buyers’ attention from cash back to gifts with purchase to “free” upgrades (that you just know are buried in the purchase price somewhere).

We always caution clients not to get swayed by promotional incentives and fancy sales brochures. We’re not anti-pre-construction but we are definitely on the “proceed with caution” side of the fence. Pre-con buyers need to do a thorough job researching and number crunching including hiring a condo expert to negotiate your deal with the sales team (it doesn’t cost you any more to bring in your own representation) and hiring a lawyer who specializes in condo law to review documents before your 10-day cooling off period ends.

Top 5 Gyms At Toronto Condos

Earlier this month, I gave you my top picks for best outdoor condo pools. Today, I’m taking a look at the best Toronto condo gyms with the professional equipment, square footage, views and complementary amenities to rival the big chains, all within the comfort and convenience of your own building.


“Best of” Toronto Condos: Top 5 Gyms #1 Market Wharf II Condos


Top spot goes to Market Wharf II condos in St Lawrence not because it’s the fanciest or most innovative gym – in fact, it’s rather simple in its design and equipment – but because it’s so spacious (perfect for those who like a bit of personal space when working out), with incredible panoramic views.

New Schools & Daycare In Development For CityPlace Condos

One of the biggest criticisms of CityPlace condos is a lack of community – specifically, the practical amenities and infrastructure needed to create a vibrant, livable and connected urban community. I’ve talked before about why I don’t think the lack of traditional community vibe at CityPlace is an issue for all condo owners but it’s also important to remember that CityPlace has not yet fully matured. It’s still a neighbourhood in flux.

CityPlace Toronto is still in its infancy and new developments are bringing change to this condo ‘hood once considered a place only for young, 20-something yuppies, now becoming a viable option for young families. The most anticipated new development is on the site of what’s known as Block 31. Although it’s been slow coming – plans started floating back in the mid 90s – residents of CityPlace can now look forward to two new elementary schools and a daycare centre as part of the new community centre development. The project is led by the City of Toronto in consultation with the TDSB and TCDSB.

Builder Of Trump Towers Toronto Trumps Buyers In Legal Battle

For all of you who are regular readers, you’ll know how many times we’ve cautioned buyers to do their homework, weigh their re-sale alternatives and go in with a very critical eye when purchasing pre-construction condos. Just last month, we reviewed the top 10 mistakes we see buyers make when buying pre-construction condos for sale in Toronto.

We caution buyers because buying on spec off a paper proposal is one of the riskiest real estate transactions you can make and if/when it goes wrong, Ontario law is not always on your side. Case in point: the recent fiasco around Trump International Hotel & Tower. Here’s the latest in the line of buyer horror stories.

Liberty Village Condos To Benefit From Nearby Garrison Point

Residents of Liberty Village condos can expect new neighbours starting as soon as winter 2017 in nearby Garrison Point.

The new Garrison Point condo community will bring with it a wealth of infrastructure and amenities to further enliven the areas west of Bathurst and south of King; developers are contributing tens of millions through City charges and additional contributions towards community benefits.

Here’s a look at some of the future features that nearby residents of Liberty Village should be happy to see. Residents Of Liberty Village Condos To Benefit From Nearby Garrison Point Developments

First off, what is Garrison Point? Well, despite the buzz in the industry, you’d be forgiven for not knowing as it’s such a slight parcel of land by Toronto development standards and it’s sandwiched between roads and railways – i.e. not somewhere you’re likely to happen upon randomly during a weekend stroll. But that’s about to change.

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