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Toronto Condo Blog

Are Liberty Village Condos the Best Value in Toronto?

With all of the sensationalist Toronto condo news we’ve read over the last few years, it’s easy to lose track of the fact that we are lucky to have access to great, affordable condo options in and around the core. Try finding a centrally-located, stylish condo under $400K in New York or London. Heck, even Vancouver.

Liberty Village is a prime example of an affordable Toronto neighbourhood but it’s not been without its own headline-making stories that can pull focus away from the value proposition this neighbourhood holds for buyers.

2015 Toronto Condo Market: Our Take On The First Quarter

TREB recently released their 2015 Q1 results for re-sale Toronto condos. There were a number of good takeaways to help inform buyers looking at Toronto condos for sale as we head into the busy spring market as well as sellers contemplating listing.


The Toronto Condo Market is Strong. Don’t Get Paralyzed into Inaction by Sensationalist Stories.

We’re now well into the year that was supposed to be the start of the big bust. All of those new condos being built over the last five years that led to a record-number of new Toronto condo completions in 2014 were going to shock the system. No surprise, many of those new condos are now flooding the marketplace as re-sale listings. But there’s no burst happening. Not even a fizzle.

Would You Buy a Luxury Toronto Townhouse?

We often recommend townhouses for sale in Toronto to our family clients who are priced out of the Toronto housing market or to young professional(s) who are planning on having children in the next few years and need the room to grow. Affordability is typically the driving force here.

In some cases though there are clients with substantial budgets who choose a condo-style, luxury townhome instead of a freehold house because of the convenience factor. It’s also a good way to secure a modern property with high-end finishes without having to renovate. Queue the new breed of luxury Toronto townhouses.

Toronto Real Estate Ghost-Busters: Exterminating Phantom Offers

It’s been over a decade of debate and, when it comes down to it, very little action until this year to abolish the dirty tactics of phantom bidding. Yes, there are ghosts haunting the Toronto real estate market. But is it a widespread problem? Are we talking a few, relatively harmless spectres or a full-on, get suited up it’s ghostbusting time, infestation? And is the Toronto condo market more at risk now because of the sheer volume of new completions?

The truth is, it’s difficult to say how rampant the issue is. However, as an active Realtor for many years and a founding Partner of, I can confidently say that I’ve seen countless deals for condos for sale in Toronto negotiated with Realtors from numerous brokerages across the city and this does not appear to be a common issue. That said, the issue is such a serious one that even one case of a buyer getting burned by phantoms is too many.

Toronto Townhouses: How do They Stack Up?

We’ve been talking this week about townhouses for sale in Toronto as they’re becoming an increasingly hot commodity. Toronto townhomes have outpaced semi-detached properties in terms of year-over-year sales growth so far in 2015. In fact, townhomes are fast on the heels of the Toronto condo market in terms of percentage growth in the number of units sold.

This is largely due to the affordability of townhomes for sale in Toronto in comparison to traditional houses and the fact that they tend to offer more square footage than most condos for sale in Toronto do, often with private backyard space (although we’re seeing less of this in new developments).

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