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Toronto Condo Blog

Rent or Buy? Your Best Toronto Real Estate Strategy for 2015

2015 may be your year to buy a Toronto condo. But with so much speculation about the fate of the Toronto real estate market, a lot of first-time buyers and clients who are in-between properties are questioning should I rent and wait for home prices to drop? In short, no. And here’s why.


House Prices Rise Much Faster Than Salaries

The average buyer’s annual earnings will never increase in proportion to the average increases in Toronto home prices. The price of properties across the City including Toronto condos rose on average by 8% in 2014 over 2013. Keep in mind that’s an average. We’re seeing significantly higher growth with single-family homes in hot neighbourhoods and in condos for sale in Toronto in hot buildings with real cache.

Interest Rate Cut Welcome News for Toronto Condo Buyers

Amidst all the chatter of potential rising interest rates towards the end of 2015, it seems few saw it coming. That is until oil prices plummeted and the knock-on effect became clear. This past Wednesday, the Bank of Canada announced a sizeable 0.25% drop in interest rates that left analysts fretting and homeowners cheering. Prime has been 1.0% since September 2010 and is now 0.75%.

CBC, the Toronto Star, Financial Post and more all have plenty of coverage of this week’s rate drop shocker. Owners of Toronto condos have a lot to think about in the coming weeks in terms of mortgage renewals and switches and new buyers considering condos for sale in Toronto or other markets, like Mississauga, have more reason to act now.

Selling Your Toronto Condo: How to Hire a Realtor

There are nearly 40,000 real estate agents in Toronto. That’s a lot of choice for homeowners looking to list Toronto condos for sale. But as with any service industry, not all realtors are created equal.

As a seller, it’s critical that you interview several realtors before selecting the best agent for you. Around 60% of the time, sellers hire a family friend or the only agent they know (often the agent who they purchased with originally). While it’s nice to give people you know the opportunity to pitch for your business, it’s always good practice to make the process competitive.

Two Toronto Condo Developments That are Driving Change

It’s no secret that Toronto condos can help gentrify a neighbourhood. In fact, condo construction is often the first step in transforming an area with an influx of young buyers and new amenities following suit. By the time that lone, indie coffee house on the corner has been joined by a Starbucks, you know that the neighbourhood has undergone radical change.

But there are a special few new build condos in Toronto that are centrepieces of much larger, transformative masterplans. They’re doing more than just increase the stock of condos for sale in Toronto. They’re creating communities in areas where change is desperately needed.

The Other Waterfront: Mississauga Condos in Port Credit

Port Credit has gained so much in popularity over the last decade that many Torontonians are already very familiar with this lovely, lakeside community. For those of you aren’t, if you’re looking for waterfront condos, don’t discount “the other waterfront” and go take a look at some condos for sale in Mississauga.

Port Credit condos not only offer the modern design, reasonable price points and proximity to the waterfront that Toronto waterfront condos do, in some ways they have an edge. There’s a charm and laid-back, village feel to Port Credit that you don’t get in Toronto waterfront communities. If you like a smaller, self-contained community but still want to be within commuting distance to downtown, Port Credit is definitely worth a gander.

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