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2019 East Side Condos Price Per Square Foot Ranking

RankBuilding NameAddressAvg Price/sqft
1The Grayson4188 Cambie St, Vancouver
$1,197 /sqft3.55%
2The Spot2806 Cambie St, Vancouver
$1,183 /sqft6.44%
3The Independent285 E 10th Ave, Vancouver
$1,159 /sqftNA
4Collection45133 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$1,157 /sqft4.05%
5Voda at the Creek1551 Quebec St, Vancouver
$1,154 /sqft5.65%
6Shine273 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$1,129 /sqft6.46%
7Lido110 Switchmen St, Vancouver
$1,112 /sqft6.28%
8Parc Elise4412 Cambie St, Vancouver
$1,109 /sqft0.89%
9Meccanica108 E 1st Ave, Vancouver
$1,106 /sqft7.95%
10Opsal1775 Quebec St, Vancouver
$1,098 /sqft7.29%
11Citti238 W Broadway, Vancouver
$1,094 /sqft6.69%
12The Wohlsein311 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$1,084 /sqft8.79%
13Central1618 Quebec St, Vancouver
$1,074 /sqft8.64%
14Block 100111 E 1st Ave, Vancouver
$1,066 /sqft13.45%
15The Crest106 E 35th Ave, Vancouver
$1,062 /sqftNA
16Proximity1788 Ontario St, Vancouver
$1,048 /sqft6.61%
17Synchro379 E Broadway, Vancouver
$1,040 /sqftNA
18District250 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$1,036 /sqft8.10%
19Ellsworth209 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$1,030 /sqft10.21%
20Edward288 W King Edward Ave, Vancouver
$1,030 /sqft3.21%
21Local on Lonsdale135 E 17th Ave, Vancouver
$1,028 /sqft5.37%
22Local1661 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver
$1,027 /sqft3.79%
239 on the park2337 Brunswick St, Vancouver
$1,016 /sqftNA
243333 Main3333 Main St, Vancouver
$1,016 /sqft3.99%
25Midtown Modern630 E Broadway, Vancouver
$1,014 /sqft6.80%
26The Flats219 E Georgia St, Vancouver
$1,010 /sqft0.23%
2726-32 West 14th30 W 14th Ave, Vancouver
$1,008 /sqftNA
28Social2321 Scotia St, Vancouver
$1,008 /sqft9.81%
29Main & Keefer188 Keefer St, Vancouver
$1,001 /sqft5.88%
30The Calladine2626 Alberta St, Vancouver
$1,000 /sqft0.48%
31Midtown2477 Carolina St, Vancouver
$999 /sqft6.74%
32Uptown2788 Prince Edward St, Vancouver
$991 /sqft12.28%
33Majestic on Main222 E 30th Ave, Vancouver
$990 /sqft1.64%
34Blue Tree Homes4118 Main St, Vancouver
$988 /sqft7.22%
35Soma Lofts2635 Prince Edward St, Vancouver
$982 /sqft8.93%
36Jacobsen256 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver
$979 /sqft7.88%
37144 West 14th144 W 14th Ave, Vancouver
$977 /sqftNA
38Mercer3456 Commercial St, Vancouver
$976 /sqft1.70%
39Magnolia At Cityhall138 W 13th Ave, Vancouver
$972 /sqftNA
40Elements2515 Ontario St, Vancouver
$970 /sqft9.37%
41Canvas396 E 1st Ave, Vancouver
$970 /sqft6.94%
42Hastings Gate2265 E Hastings St, Vancouver
$969 /sqft15.58%
43Acorn2666 Duke St, Vancouver
$965 /sqft3.32%
44Six & Guelph415 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$963 /sqftNA
45Stella2710 Sophia St, Vancouver
$959 /sqft1.91%
46V6A221 Union St, Vancouver
$956 /sqft2.33%
47The Newport228 E 18th Ave, Vancouver
$951 /sqft3.34%
48James Walk168 E 35th Ave, Vancouver
$951 /sqft12.13%
49Hanna531 E 16th Ave, Vancouver
$950 /sqft5.87%
50Adanac 21851 Adanac St, Vancouver
$943 /sqftNA
51Skala455 E 16th Ave, Vancouver
$943 /sqft8.99%
52Frances544 Victoria Dr, Vancouver
$943 /sqft1.20%
53Eastpark5085 Main St, Vancouver
$942 /sqft0.89%
54XL Lofts428 W 8th Ave, Vancouver
$941 /sqft1.50%
55Ginger718 Main St, Vancouver
$937 /sqft1.56%
56Wall Centre Central Park Tower 25515 Boundary Rd, Vancouver
$934 /sqft5.85%
57Ei8ht on Seven562 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$932 /sqft12.51%
58Cornerstone2525 Quebec St, Vancouver
$932 /sqft6.58%
59The Hub205 E 10th Ave, Vancouver
$930 /sqft5.25%
60885 Off The Drive885 Salsbury Dr, Vancouver
$921 /sqft15.39%
61OnQue2511 Quebec St, Vancouver
$918 /sqft1.15%
62Wall Centre Central Park Tower 35470 Ormidale St, Vancouver
$915 /sqft5.97%
63Credo1533 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$914 /sqft4.51%
64Wall Centre Central Park Tower 15665 Boundary Rd, Vancouver
$911 /sqft9.11%
65Kensington Gardens2220 Kingsway, Vancouver
$908 /sqft5.67%
66Loft on 6th128 W 6th Ave, Vancouver
$906 /sqft7.64%
67Bohème Condos1588 E Hastings St, Vancouver
$906 /sqft1.87%
68Marquee On The Drive2250 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
$904 /sqft12.83%
69Sixteen East401 E 16th Ave, Vancouver
$904 /sqftNA
70Domain2828 Main St, Vancouver
$900 /sqft4.39%
71Vue2520 Manitoba St, Vancouver
$896 /sqft15.48%
72The Oxley1647 E Pender St, Vancouver
$892 /sqftNA
73The Eldorado4888 Nanaimo St, Vancouver
$892 /sqft4.87%
7433 & Main215 E 33rd Ave, Vancouver
$890 /sqft4.56%
75Century4550 Fraser St, Vancouver
$889 /sqft3.66%
76Frances Manor1615 Frances St, Vancouver
$889 /sqft13.72%
77158 West 13th158 W 13th Ave, Vancouver
$887 /sqft0.43%
78The View2150 E Hastings St, Vancouver
$886 /sqft11.55%
792300 Kingsway4815 Eldorado Mews, Vancouver
$885 /sqft9.28%
80The Gardens5598 Ormidale St, Vancouver
$881 /sqft10.55%
81The Oxford2141 E Hastings St, Vancouver
$880 /sqft3.97%
82Tala Vera2688 Watson St, Vancouver
$880 /sqft2.29%
83The Left Bank919 Station St, Vancouver
$874 /sqft0.65%
84Evergreen Place1617 Grant St, Vancouver
$870 /sqft1.99%
85Vya233 Kingsway, Vancouver
$868 /sqft10.11%
86Skyway Tower2699 Kingsway, Vancouver
$866 /sqft2.85%
87The Works1855 Stainsbury Ave, Vancouver
$863 /sqft6.74%
88Cambie Square460 W 16th Ave, Vancouver
$861 /sqftNA
89Uno328 E 11th Ave, Vancouver
$858 /sqft6.55%
90Georgia Court1823 E Georgia St, Vancouver
$857 /sqft2.81%
91Artworks237 E 4th Ave, Vancouver
$855 /sqft3.18%
92Villa Sophia288 E 14th Ave, Vancouver
$851 /sqft8.45%
93Empress Court4157 Sophia St, Vancouver
$850 /sqftNA
94Alexandra Place1440 E Broadway, Vancouver
$847 /sqft8.73%
95Sophia298 E 11th Ave, Vancouver
$844 /sqft18.53%
96Oasis2234 Prince Albert St, Vancouver
$841 /sqft3.44%
97City View Terraces1718 Venables St, Vancouver
$837 /sqft0.84%
98Blossom707 E 20th Ave, Vancouver
$831 /sqft5.47%
99Fairmount Estates621 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$830 /sqft5.40%
1001255 East 15th1255 E 15th Ave, Vancouver
$828 /sqft6.27%
101Mount Pleasant Gardens255 E 14th Ave, Vancouver
$828 /sqft14.80%
102Triumph2263 Triumph St, Vancouver
$828 /sqft8.73%
103Woodale2142 Carolina St, Vancouver
$826 /sqft5.23%
104Lakeview Court1928 E 11th Ave, Vancouver
$825 /sqft9.45%
105Charm3688 Inverness St, Vancouver
$824 /sqft1.79%
106Ridgeway Place1450 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$823 /sqft8.29%
107Trio4338 Commercial St, Vancouver
$823 /sqft3.05%
108555 East 8th555 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$820 /sqftNA
109Walk To Main339 E 33rd Ave, Vancouver
$819 /sqft9.79%
110Abbey Lane55 E 10th Ave, Vancouver
$810 /sqft17.74%
111Grandview Cascades1415 E 1st Ave, Vancouver
$810 /sqft13.99%
112The Ridgemont659 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$809 /sqft12.28%
113Magnolia702 E King Edward Ave, Vancouver
$809 /sqft6.13%
114Deva228 E 14th Ave, Vancouver
$803 /sqft14.95%
115Royal Alexandra2388 Triumph St, Vancouver
$801 /sqft8.73%
116The Maples3238 Quebec St, Vancouver
$801 /sqftNA
117The Gem688 E 18th Ave, Vancouver
$800 /sqftNA
118La Casa1688 E 4th Ave, Vancouver
$799 /sqft3.23%
119Kensington Views3420 St Catherines St, Vancouver
$797 /sqft11.46%
120Loft 338338 W 8th Ave, Vancouver
$797 /sqft10.98%
121Renfrew & 2nd1838 Renfrew St, Vancouver
$795 /sqftNA
122Metrovista288 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$795 /sqft13.13%
123Carolinas570 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$795 /sqft8.53%
124Karma Rose3020 Quebec St, Vancouver
$792 /sqftNA
125Mount Pleasant Soma111 W 10th Ave, Vancouver
$791 /sqft17.30%
126Harbour Shores2336 Wall St, Vancouver
$790 /sqft4.61%
127Nexus3588 Crowley Dr, Vancouver
$789 /sqft0.86%
128Sesame2888 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver
$789 /sqft12.87%
129View388388 Kootenay St, Vancouver
$788 /sqft9.14%
130Main Space350 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver
$784 /sqft2.38%
131Cannery Row2001 Wall St, Vancouver
$783 /sqft0.87%
132Sandcastle Villa1429 E 4th Ave, Vancouver
$780 /sqft11.28%
133Parkview Manor2239 St Catherines St, Vancouver
$777 /sqftNA
134St. George Place507 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$776 /sqft9.96%
135Woodshire1642 E Georgia St, Vancouver
$773 /sqft2.46%
136Landmark Terrace2277 McGill St, Vancouver
$772 /sqft7.01%
137Mount Pleasant Place2150 Brunswick St, Vancouver
$772 /sqft7.92%
138Shalimar Gardens1723 Frances St, Vancouver
$771 /sqft2.65%
139Grandview Manor1623 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver
$770 /sqft10.70%
140Mount Pleasant Manor825 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$769 /sqft8.06%
141Landmark Monterey2333 Triumph St, Vancouver
$766 /sqft1.48%
1422245 Eton Street2245 Eton St, Vancouver
$764 /sqft3.29%
143Urba5380 Oben St, Vancouver
$764 /sqft2.51%
144Landmark Manor440 E 5th Ave, Vancouver
$763 /sqft12.40%
145Oakwood Park391 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$763 /sqftNA
146Mclean Gardens1365 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$762 /sqftNA
1472718 Alberta Street2718 Alberta St, Vancouver
$761 /sqftNA
148Prince Edward Place3150 Prince Edward St, Vancouver
$760 /sqft2.38%
149Mondella688 E 17th Ave, Vancouver
$759 /sqft9.76%
150Landmark Place1429 William St, Vancouver
$757 /sqftNA
151Vintage Eastside688 E 16th Ave, Vancouver
$757 /sqft15.28%
152King Edward Village1483 E King Edward Ave, Vancouver
$757 /sqft9.53%
153Sunrise On The Park2222 Prince Edward St, Vancouver
$754 /sqft7.50%
154Landmark Belvedere330 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$754 /sqft13.11%
155Woodland Villa1516 E 1st Ave, Vancouver
$753 /sqft13.38%
156Circa3660 Vanness Ave, Vancouver
$752 /sqft5.02%
157638 East 5th Ave638 E 5th Ave, Vancouver
$751 /sqftNA
158Landmark Mariner2366 Wall St, Vancouver
$751 /sqft15.00%
159Landmark Arms1484 Charles St, Vancouver
$751 /sqft3.37%
16033 North33 N Templeton Dr, Vancouver
$751 /sqft6.35%
161City Lights1707 Charles St, Vancouver
$751 /sqftNA
162La Villa3477 Commercial St, Vancouver
$749 /sqft7.99%
163Carolina Manor550 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$749 /sqftNA
164Mcewen House1065 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$747 /sqft6.12%
165Pleasant View Manor350 E 5th Ave, Vancouver
$745 /sqft5.69%
166Vancouver Manor430 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$745 /sqft0.78%
167Wall Court2159 Wall St, Vancouver
$745 /sqftNA
168Victoria Court2709 Victoria Dr, Vancouver
$743 /sqftNA
169Cartier Place189 E 16th Ave, Vancouver
$742 /sqft9.65%
170Mcallister House665 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$741 /sqft2.55%
171Emerald Park Place5288 Melbourne St, Vancouver
$741 /sqft1.49%
172Grant1540 Grant St, Vancouver
$740 /sqftNA
173The Millenio3520 Crowley Dr, Vancouver
$739 /sqft14.08%
174Prince Albert Court808 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$734 /sqft3.22%
175Leslie Point2023 Franklin St, Vancouver
$734 /sqft4.50%
176Talishan Woods1545 E 2nd Ave, Vancouver
$733 /sqft13.72%
177Latitude3663 Crowley Dr, Vancouver
$732 /sqft5.31%
178Fraserview Terrace4868 Fraser St, Vancouver
$730 /sqft22.23%
179Vista Villa853 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$730 /sqft14.56%
180Fusion1689 E 13th Ave, Vancouver
$730 /sqft13.88%
181Pacific Landing2211 Wall St, Vancouver
$730 /sqft3.32%
182Bravo on Broadway903 E Broadway, Vancouver
$729 /sqft7.92%
183Terrace Heights444 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$726 /sqft3.13%
184Landmark Gardens550 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$724 /sqft13.98%
185The Centro3438 Vanness Ave, Vancouver
$721 /sqft7.13%
186Garden Court3 N Garden Dr, Vancouver
$720 /sqft16.47%
187Broadway Crest418 E Broadway, Vancouver
$719 /sqft14.87%
188Georgia Gardens1915 E Georgia St, Vancouver
$719 /sqft11.18%
189Windsor Park930 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$717 /sqft15.30%
190Brio3638 Vanness Ave, Vancouver
$716 /sqft10.95%
191Picasso711 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$714 /sqft1.94%
192Sugar2626 E Hastings St, Vancouver
$714 /sqft5.33%
193The MacGregor3463 Crowley Dr, Vancouver
$714 /sqft2.78%
194Kingsgate Manor760 Kingsway, Vancouver
$713 /sqft6.71%
195Harvard Place515 E 15th Ave, Vancouver
$712 /sqft3.01%
196Kings Villa868 Kingsway, Vancouver
$711 /sqft5.16%
197Ward2739 Ward St, Vancouver
$710 /sqft15.25%
198Finale West3651 Foster Ave, Vancouver
$708 /sqft11.10%
199La Contessa1422 E 3rd Ave, Vancouver
$706 /sqft0.68%
200Mt. Pleasant3010 Ontario St, Vancouver
$706 /sqftNA
201Harbour Mount2045 Franklin St, Vancouver
$705 /sqft9.74%
202Kingsway Manor3437 Kingsway, Vancouver
$704 /sqftNA
203Charles Garden1537 Charles St, Vancouver
$701 /sqftNA
204Garden Estates224 N Garden Dr, Vancouver
$700 /sqft14.33%
205Woodlands1540 E 4th Ave, Vancouver
$697 /sqft11.05%
206Cecil Hill5488 Cecil St, Vancouver
$696 /sqft13.45%
207Mountainview Place2973 Kingsway, Vancouver
$694 /sqft8.81%
208Garden Terrace1516 Charles St, Vancouver
$692 /sqft5.22%
209The Scena2239 Kingsway, Vancouver
$690 /sqft14.12%
210Kingwood Villa1239 Kingsway, Vancouver
$687 /sqft21.26%
211Vveha1637 E Pender St, Vancouver
$684 /sqft12.73%
212The Riviera2741 E Hastings St, Vancouver
$683 /sqftNA
213Park Renfrew2891 E Hastings St, Vancouver
$681 /sqft6.77%
214Jasmine405 Skeena St, Vancouver
$680 /sqft9.85%
2151510 East 3rd1510 E 3rd Ave, Vancouver
$679 /sqftNA
216Dogwood Place750 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$678 /sqft4.99%
217Cambridge Court222 N Templeton Dr, Vancouver
$678 /sqftNA
218Fraserview Court4838 Fraser St, Vancouver
$676 /sqftNA
219The Triumph2110 Triumph St, Vancouver
$676 /sqftNA
2202333 Eton Street2333 Eton St, Vancouver
$674 /sqft2.16%
221Scotia Place319 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$674 /sqft6.12%
222Magnolia Gate360 E 36th Ave, Vancouver
$673 /sqft6.18%
223Mcgregor House588 E 5th Ave, Vancouver
$670 /sqft6.43%
224The Nicolyn2272 Dundas St, Vancouver
$669 /sqftNA
225Dharma Digs1549 Kitchener St, Vancouver
$667 /sqft13.31%
226Pacific Terraces756 Great Northern Way, Vancouver
$666 /sqft10.59%
227Alpine Place1585 E 4th Ave, Vancouver
$665 /sqft19.68%
228Raintree Gardens3628 Rae Ave, Vancouver
$665 /sqft0.09%
229Woodland Place1515 E 5th Ave, Vancouver
$664 /sqftNA
230Queen's Court3455 Ascot Pl, Vancouver
$663 /sqft13.95%
231Copper Place16 Lakewood Dr, Vancouver
$662 /sqft13.51%
232Royal Victoria Gardens2736 Victoria Dr, Vancouver
$660 /sqft7.48%
233Ivan Manor642 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$660 /sqft8.71%
234Da Vinci Artist Studio1850 Lorne St, Vancouver
$657 /sqft31.40%
235Hampton Court1330 Graveley St, Vancouver
$654 /sqft10.84%
236Villa Verde1611 E 3rd Ave, Vancouver
$654 /sqft8.83%
237Regent Court3489 Ascot Pl, Vancouver
$654 /sqftNA
238Eton Place2224 Eton St, Vancouver
$653 /sqft9.24%
239138 Templeton Drive138 Templeton Dr, Vancouver
$653 /sqft16.07%
240Glen Centre3465 Glen Dr, Vancouver
$652 /sqft2.59%
24125 Garden Drive25 Garden Dr, Vancouver
$650 /sqftNA
242Mariner Place2328 Oxford St, Vancouver
$650 /sqft2.85%
243Mckenzie House2033 Triumph St, Vancouver
$650 /sqft9.15%
244Wellington Court3683 Wellington Av, Vancouver
$650 /sqftNA
245Mirasol607 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$650 /sqft7.36%
246Heritage Gate2960 E 29th Ave, Vancouver
$647 /sqft11.34%
247Mariner Mews1060 E Broadway, Vancouver
$646 /sqft14.45%
248Cambria Terrace4113 Fraser St, Vancouver
$644 /sqft18.74%
249Fairfax830 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$643 /sqft16.49%
250Harbour Reach2215 Dundas St, Vancouver
$640 /sqft6.19%
251Macdonald House680 E 5th Ave, Vancouver
$640 /sqft4.59%
252Mcmillan House710 E 6th Ave, Vancouver
$636 /sqft7.66%
253Central Place5355 Boundary Rd, Vancouver
$633 /sqft11.21%
254Connaught4990 McGeer St, Vancouver
$631 /sqftNA
255King's Court2238 Kingsway, Vancouver
$631 /sqftNA
256Trinity Manor2320 Trinity St, Vancouver
$630 /sqftNA
257Willowbridge1420 E 8th Ave, Vancouver
$630 /sqft8.92%
258Grandview Gardens1433 E 1st Ave, Vancouver
$628 /sqftNA
259Zoey3423 E Hastings St, Vancouver
$627 /sqft3.50%
260Landview Place1864 Frances St, Vancouver
$626 /sqft18.98%
2612769 East 28th2769 E 28th Ave, Vancouver
$624 /sqftNA
262Eton Heights2238 Eton St, Vancouver
$624 /sqft33.23%
263Mount Pleasant1099 E Broadway, Vancouver
$622 /sqft15.74%
264Rae Court3680 Rae Ave, Vancouver
$620 /sqftNA
265Nanaimo West2 Nanaimo St, Vancouver
$620 /sqftNA
266Amberley3583 Crowley Dr, Vancouver
$619 /sqft13.01%
267Renfrew Court2910 E Pender St, Vancouver
$619 /sqft5.94%
268The Vault1943 E 1st Ave, Vancouver
$614 /sqft29.25%
269Royal Terrace4989 Duchess St, Vancouver
$613 /sqft21.40%
270Trafalgar3624 Fraser St, Vancouver
$610 /sqft12.63%
271Queensland5438 Rupert St, Vancouver
$608 /sqft2.91%
272Chez Victoria5555 Victoria Dr, Vancouver
$605 /sqft14.00%
273The Library128 W 8th Ave, Vancouver
$597 /sqftNA
274L'atelier2556 E Hastings St, Vancouver
$596 /sqft10.00%
275Artech336 E 1st Ave, Vancouver
$593 /sqft21.47%
276Aspen Green3365 E 4th Ave, Vancouver
$590 /sqftNA
277Cherry Hill2965 Horley St, Vancouver
$582 /sqft17.98%
278Landmark Oxford2250 Oxford St, Vancouver
$573 /sqft20.72%
279Place Devito725 Commercial Dr, Vancouver
$567 /sqft11.37%
280Broadway Gardens2677 E Broadway, Vancouver
$564 /sqft1.60%
281Alexander Court3488 Vanness Ave, Vancouver
$562 /sqftNA
282Shorewinds315 Renfrew St, Vancouver
$557 /sqft17.72%
283Frances Place1622 Frances St, Vancouver
$552 /sqft36.07%
284Terra Vita Place868 Cassiar St, Vancouver
$551 /sqftNA
285Broadhill Manor813 E Broadway, Vancouver
$537 /sqftNA
2861988 East 37th Ave1988 E 37th Ave, Vancouver
$522 /sqft16.01%
287Landmark Court1420 E 7th Ave, Vancouver
$520 /sqft20.57%
288Lewarde Court3136 Kingsway, Vancouver
$514 /sqft29.25%
289Twin Court2277 E 30th Ave, Vancouver
$511 /sqft14.80%
290Clarendon Place4893 Clarendon St, Vancouver
$484 /sqft13.48%
291Rosemont Manor36 E 14th Ave, Vancouver
$428 /sqft1.87%
292Mcgill Manor2390 McGill St, Vancouver
$424 /sqftNA
293Gardenia Villa2523 E 10th Ave, Vancouver
$406 /sqft6.78%