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2020 West End Condos Price Per Square Foot Ranking

RankBuilding NameAddressAvg Price/sqft
1Claremont Hall Lofts34 Claremont St, Toronto
$1,488 /sqft26.30%
2260 High Park260 High Park Ave, Toronto
$1,332 /sqft12.82%
3Noble Court Lofts24 Noble St, Toronto
$1,129 /sqft15.74%
4The Argyle Lofts183 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto
$1,116 /sqft4.44%
5The High Park1990 Bloor St W, Toronto
$1,077 /sqft14.90%
6707 Lofts707 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto
$1,072 /sqft12.42%
7The Oxford on Markham75 Markham St, Toronto
$1,067 /sqft23.13%
8High Park Residences1830 Bloor St W, Toronto
$1,067 /sqft3.74%
9Robert Watson Lofts369 Sorauren Ave, Toronto
$1,059 /sqft10.35%
10109OZ109 Ossington Ave, Toronto
$1,048 /sqft0.81%
11Ten93 Queen West Condos106 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto
$1,035 /sqft10.51%
12Two Old Mill2 Old Mill Dr, York
$1,031 /sqft10.51%
13Hepbourne Hall110 Hepbourne St, Toronto
$1,028 /sqft23.66%
14Twenty Gothic20 Gothic Ave, Toronto
$1,024 /sqft10.97%
15The Church Lofts701 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto
$1,020 /sqft21.36%
16Howard Park 238 Howard Park Ave, Toronto
$1,013 /sqft20.00%
17Sorauren Lofts347 Sorauren Ave, Toronto
$1,012 /sqft1.69%
18The Europa308 Palmerston Ave, Toronto
$1,010 /sqft2.32%
1935 Wabash35 Wabash Ave, Toronto
$1,009 /sqftNA
20Nero.205 Manning Ave, Toronto
$1,008 /sqft12.91%
21Feather Factory Lofts2154 Dundas St W, Toronto
$1,008 /sqftNA
22383 Sorauren383 Sorauren Ave, Toronto
$1,001 /sqft4.45%
23Button Factory Lofts200 Clinton St, Toronto
$998 /sqft24.72%
24One Old Mill1 Old Mill Dr, York
$985 /sqft8.77%
25Home Condominium383 Ellis Park Rd, Toronto
$983 /sqft6.91%
26Ideal Lofts301 Markham St, Toronto
$981 /sqft3.38%
27Howard Park Residences36 Howard Park Ave, Toronto
$975 /sqft6.64%
28The Carnaby20 Minowan Miikan Lane, Toronto
$974 /sqft1.46%
29Arch Lofts243 Perth Ave, Toronto
$969 /sqft33.89%
30Art Condos8 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto
$968 /sqft1.71%
31Junction House2720 Dundas St W, Toronto
$965 /sqftNA
321 Columbus1 Columbus Ave, Toronto
$957 /sqft3.12%
33Epic on Triangle Park68 Abell St, Toronto
$955 /sqft7.25%
34Vibe at Liberty Village100 Western Battery Rd, Toronto
$952 /sqft4.59%
35Toy Factory Lofts43 Hanna Ave, Toronto
$951 /sqft4.00%
36The Brock Lofts27 Brock Ave, Toronto
$949 /sqft0.01%
37Liberty on the Park69 Lynn Williams St, Toronto
$941 /sqft17.55%
38Liberty Place150 East Liberty St, Toronto
$939 /sqft3.87%
39Liberty Market Lofts5 Hanna Ave, Toronto
$936 /sqft6.44%
40Liberty Central Phase I51 East Liberty St, Toronto
$929 /sqft10.67%
41Zip Condos80 Western Battery Rd, Toronto
$928 /sqft8.09%
42King West Condos at Liberty Village65 East Liberty St, Toronto
$927 /sqft10.53%
43Duke Condos530 Indian Grv, Toronto
$926 /sqft2.45%
44Bohemian Embassy1171 Queen St W, Toronto
$923 /sqft8.47%
45Bloorline Lofts284 St Helens Ave, Toronto
$923 /sqft0.76%
46Battery Park50 Lynn Williams St, Toronto
$922 /sqft4.28%
47Lanehouse on Bartlett50 Bartlett Ave, Toronto
$916 /sqft3.20%
48Bliss Condos55 East Liberty St, Toronto
$912 /sqft7.04%
49High Park Lofts437 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto
$911 /sqft1.71%
50The Brule2511 Bloor St W, Toronto
$911 /sqft7.02%
51Twenty Lofts20 Gladstone Ave, Toronto
$907 /sqft5.29%
52The Tower at King West125 Western Battery Rd, Toronto
$907 /sqft4.33%
538 G8 Gladstone Ave, Toronto
$897 /sqft3.79%
54Q Loft1205 Queen St W, Toronto
$889 /sqft12.75%
55Stockyard District Condos2306 St Clair Ave W, Toronto
$887 /sqftNA
56Chelsea Lofts1375 Dupont St, Toronto
$882 /sqft17.84%
57Origami Lofts109 Wolseley St, Toronto
$880 /sqft21.84%
58Fuzion20 Joe Shuster Way, Toronto
$877 /sqft17.07%
59Wallace Station Lofts371 Wallace Ave, Toronto
$873 /sqft12.93%
60The Bridge38 Joe Shuster Way, Toronto
$872 /sqft12.92%
61Westside Story51 Halton St, Toronto
$870 /sqft7.48%
62Fuse2 Condos1420 Dupont St, Toronto
$863 /sqft5.51%
632G2 Gladstone Ave, Toronto
$863 /sqft1.61%
64The Curve170 Sudbury St, Toronto
$862 /sqft11.39%
65Park Lofts200 Annette St, Toronto
$860 /sqft8.33%
66170 Markham Street Townhomes170 Markham St, Toronto
$860 /sqftNA
67Brownstones on Bloor1 Ruttan St, Toronto
$860 /sqft5.25%
68High Park Condominiums70 High Park Ave, Toronto
$858 /sqft0.56%
69Abacus Lofts1239 Dundas St W, Toronto
$856 /sqft2.46%
70Edge on Triangle Park36 Lisgar St, Toronto
$853 /sqft3.40%
71The Address at High Park1638 Bloor St W, Toronto
$844 /sqft3.44%
72beBloor1369 Bloor St W, Toronto
$840 /sqft5.13%
73Upside Down Condos Ⅱ812 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto
$839 /sqft10.48%
74The Heintzman Place61 Heintzman St, Toronto
$834 /sqft7.58%
75Glen Lake2495 Dundas St W, Toronto
$827 /sqft3.84%
76Windermere By The Lake Terrace 95 The Queensway, Toronto
$826 /sqft16.81%
77NXT Ⅱ105 The Queensway, Toronto
$824 /sqft11.23%
78Cube Lofts799 College St, Toronto
$824 /sqft19.82%
79Volta Lofts588 Annette St, Toronto
$822 /sqftNA
80Upside Down Condos816 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto
$818 /sqft9.55%
81Westside Gallery Lofts150 Sudbury St, Toronto
$818 /sqft6.32%
82Fuse1410 Dupont St, Toronto
$816 /sqft6.76%
83Liberty Towers59 East Liberty St, Toronto
$814 /sqft2.48%
84Roncesvalles Lofts25 Ritchie Ave, Toronto
$810 /sqft4.93%
85Movie House Lofts394 Euclid Ave, Toronto
$809 /sqftNA
86High Park Green50 Quebec Ave, Toronto
$809 /sqft2.92%
87The Medland Lofts235 Medland St, Toronto
$801 /sqft7.68%
88Liberty Village Townhomes Ⅱ22 Western Battery Rd, Toronto
$800 /sqft10.97%
89Victoria Lofts152 Annette St, Toronto
$799 /sqft13.80%
90The Channel Club456 College St, Toronto
$795 /sqft2.33%
91Liberty Village Townhomes54 East Liberty St, Toronto
$789 /sqft4.96%
92Newtowns at King Towns10 Laidlaw St, Toronto
$788 /sqft8.62%
93Bloor West Lofts Phase Ⅱ1386 Bloor St W, Toronto
$787 /sqft1.66%
94Liberty Village Townhomes21 Pirandello St, Toronto
$780 /sqft17.65%
95Azul Lofts1636 Dundas St W, Toronto
$777 /sqft14.32%
96Wallace Walk5 Sousa Mendes St, Toronto
$770 /sqft3.28%
97Brownstones on Wallace15 Elsie Ln, Toronto
$768 /sqft6.73%
98Park Lake Residences1910 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto
$762 /sqft10.07%
99NXT103 The Queensway, Toronto
$757 /sqft8.18%
100Windermere By The Lake15 Windermere Ave, Toronto
$736 /sqft11.66%
101The Abbey Lofts384 Sunnyside Ave, Toronto
$735 /sqft12.64%
102The 23 at Baby Point441 Jane St, York
$731 /sqft1.38%
10316 Foundry Condos16 Foundry Ave, Toronto
$727 /sqft3.68%
104Foundry Lofts1100 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto
$726 /sqft9.25%
105Davenport Village Ⅲ50 Foundry Ave, Toronto
$723 /sqft6.42%
106The Southampton Residences1 Ripley Ave, Toronto
$717 /sqft6.69%
107Brockton Commons31 Florence St, Toronto
$715 /sqft1.16%
108Iron Works Lofts99 Chandos Ave, Toronto
$692 /sqft8.86%
10953 High Park Condos53 High Park Blvd, Toronto
$665 /sqftNA
110South Kingsway Village Ⅲ24 Southport St, Toronto
$662 /sqft9.16%
111beBloor Townhomes1379 Bloor St W, Toronto
$633 /sqft8.69%
112The Waterfall2545 Bloor St W, Toronto
$628 /sqftNA
113South Kingsway Village Ⅰ20 Southport St, Toronto
$626 /sqft8.68%
114Prego Townhomes Ⅱ36 Rusholme Park Crescent, Toronto
$625 /sqft9.83%
115Davenport Village Ⅱ21 Foundry Ave, Toronto
$621 /sqft8.12%
116Davenport Village Ⅰ75 Turntable Cres, Toronto
$612 /sqft7.81%
117South Kingsway Village Ⅱ22 Southport St, Toronto
$594 /sqft10.51%
118The Southport60 Southport St, Toronto
$584 /sqft17.76%
119Gothic Lofts32 Gothic Ave, Toronto
$581 /sqft23.11%
12035 Ormskirk Condos35 Ormskirk Ave, Toronto
$581 /sqft24.83%
121Caledonia Towns on the Park108 Caledonia Park Rd, Toronto
$573 /sqft3.12%
122Grenadier Gardens45 Southport St, Toronto
$571 /sqft9.75%
123Stockyard Lofts121 Prescott Ave, Toronto
$568 /sqftNA
124Oxford Court Ⅰ112 Evans Ave, Toronto
$509 /sqftNA
125Townhomes of St. Clair Ⅰ73 Weston Rd, Toronto
$506 /sqft0.19%
126King Towns50 Joe Shuster Way, Toronto
$506 /sqft19.57%