2021 Markham Condos Price Per Square Foot Ranking

RankBuilding NameAddressAvg. Price/sqft
1York Condos10 Rouge Valley Dr W, Unionville
$1,130 /sqftNA
2Riverside Uptown Markham25 Water Walk Dr, Unionville
$1,005 /sqft16.83%
3Unionville Gardens268 Buchanan Dr, Unionville
$950 /sqft10.69%
4Uptown Markham Riverwalk28 Uptown Dr, Markham
$940 /sqft9.68%
5The Residence Of South Unionville Square8323 Kennedy Rd, Unionville
$938 /sqft31.93%
6Nexus North8110 Birchmount Rd, Markham
$924 /sqft22.14%
7Uptown Markham | River Park8200 Birchmount Rd, Markham
$912 /sqft13.49%
8Parkside Tower7165 Yonge St, Thornhill
$902 /sqft9.73%
9Varley Condominium Residences20 Fred Varley Dr, Unionville
$897 /sqft6.87%
10Fontana Condos89 S Town Centre Blvd, Markham
$892 /sqft14.87%
11World on Yonge7161 Yonge St, Thornhill
$885 /sqft9.79%
12Angus Glen Condos9 Stollery Pond Cres, Unionville
$880 /sqft12.31%
13Rouge Bijou Ⅱ39 Upper Duke Cres, Markham
$878 /sqft18.17%
14The Signature Condominium180 Enterprise Blvd, Markham
$874 /sqft0.75%
15UV2 Condos9506 Markham Rd, Markham
$864 /sqft13.80%
16The Verdale I, II, Ⅲ111 Upper Duke Crescent, Markham
$856 /sqft9.05%
17Eden Park Ⅱ277 South Park Rd, Thornhill
$847 /sqft14.51%
18EKO 330 Clegg Rd, Markham
$842 /sqft15.22%
19Rouge Bijou1 Upper Duke Crescent, Unionville
$841 /sqft17.37%
20540 Bur Oak Condos540 Bur Oak Ave, Markham
$836 /sqft26.16%
21Eden Park Towers273 South Park Rd, Thornhill
$832 /sqft12.07%
22The Mark Condos9560 Markham Rd, Markham
$828 /sqft5.02%
23Majestic Court50 Clegg Rd, Markham
$811 /sqft14.34%
24Avignon7071 Bayview Ave, Thornhill
$810 /sqft6.97%
25Parkview Tower Thornhill26 Times Ave, Thornhill
$809 /sqft6.40%
26Eko55 S Town Centre Blvd, Markham
$781 /sqft4.30%
27Thornhill Towers Ⅱ48 Suncrest Blvd, Thornhill
$765 /sqft24.43%
28Circa Ⅱ23 Cox Blvd, Markham
$752 /sqft9.81%
29Victoria Tower88 Times Ave, Thornhill
$737 /sqft17.75%
30Garden Court Condos28 Prince Regent St, Markham
$734 /sqft18.91%
31Thornhill Towers62 Suncrest Blvd, Thornhill
$733 /sqft6.11%
32Liberty Tower Ⅱ51 Times Ave, Thornhill
$730 /sqft27.83%
33The Saddlecreek135 Pond Dr, Thornhill
$722 /sqft1.10%
34Circa I33 Cox Blvd, Markham
$709 /sqft6.80%
35Milliken Centre4600 Steeles Ave E, Markham
$708 /sqft24.89%
36Galleria51 Saddlecreek Dr, Thornhill
$706 /sqft2.80%
37Liberty Tower25 Times Ave, Thornhill
$699 /sqft18.38%
38Ellington Park1 Verclaire Gate, Unionville
$696 /sqft17.12%
39The Vanguard Condominiums1 Grandview Ave, Thornhill
$681 /sqftNA
40Derby Tower130 Pond Dr, Thornhill
$679 /sqft14.97%
41Grand Cornell Brownstones 210 Westmeath Lane, Markham
$666 /sqft36.40%
42Greenlife Golden7400 Markham Rd, Markham
$666 /sqft13.97%
43Old Kennedy Village8 Faithful Way, Markham
$657 /sqft24.00%
44Grand Cornell Brownstones2 Dunsheath Way, Markham
$647 /sqft21.05%
457428 Markham Condos7428 Markham Rd, Markham
$637 /sqft31.48%
46The Landmark of Thornhill7805 Bayview Ave, Thornhill
$624 /sqft12.60%
47Edgewater at the Galleria399 South Park Rd, Thornhill
$620 /sqft1.48%
48Casa Del Sol7363 Kennedy Rd, Markham
$606 /sqft8.90%
49Crystal Palace Condo7451 Yonge St, Thornhill
$564 /sqft25.65%
50Waldon Pond55 Austin Dr, Unionville
$562 /sqft1.49%
51Waldon Pond Ⅱ25 Austin Dr, Unionville
$552 /sqft13.53%
52The Gazebo8111 Yonge St, Thornhill
$540 /sqft11.05%
53Ascot Mansion2200 John St, Thornhill
$533 /sqft19.03%
54Hunt Club610 Bullock Dr, Unionville
$530 /sqft10.63%
55Townhomes of Thornhill Village306 John St, Thornhill
$527 /sqft6.78%
56Swan Lake Village Ⅱ80 The Boardwalk Way, Markham
$526 /sqft13.13%
57Prentice Place Condos7340 Markham Rd, Markham
$506 /sqft6.54%
58Swan Lake Village I55 The Boardwalk Way, Markham
$498 /sqft4.06%
59Hampton Green2 Raymerville Dr, Markham
$448 /sqft6.93%