How to search for sold or rented listings


Real estate boards require you to be signed in to access price history. Create an account below.


Go to either the for sale or for rent tab and change the toggle on the left side of the page to sold or rented.


Choose the time frame that best suits your needs, open more filters to adjust the price, size & add any additional features you want.


Results will populate on the map and the list giving listing info including sold price and date. Click through to see the full listing.


You can set up an alert for your sold or rented search and get notified when listings sell or rent in your chosen area.

How to use the Price History table


Navigate to any listing, building or address page and look for the 'Price History' table - if the property has not been listed previously or not since 2003, this table will be blank.


You will see sold/rented and delisted properties, listed & sold prices, dates, property details and photos. Click through to open the full listing page.


For condo listings and buildings you can search for a specific suite number. You can also search by bed type and switch between sold and rented.

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