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Situated in a beautiful valley near the Oak Ridges Moraine in northern Durham Region, Uxbridge was founded as a town in 1885. It is a mainly suburban community in the eastern GTA, but the surrounding landscape is rural farms and forests. While it’s growing fast, the town is home to just over 20,000 people.

A beautiful place own a home and raise family, condos for sale in Uxbridge may be a bit hard to find than in downtown Toronto, but new developments are happening all the time. It’s a growing community with a lot to offer in terms of outdoor recreation, entertainment, and culture. Located near the Oak Ridges Moraine, it’s a naturally picturesque area with local heritage sites such as the Uxbridge-Scott Museum that draws tourists and creates a sense of community pride. There are several major manufacturing companies in Uxbridge, with many small businesses as well, but it’s not a surprise to see residents commuting to nearby towns and cities for work in the morning.

North of Oshawa, Uxbridge’s main attraction today is the natural landscape. Industry Canada officially designated Uxbridge as ‘The Trail Capital of Canada.’ With over 200 kilometers of managed nature trails, including parts of the Trans-Canada Trail, it’s a hotbed for nature enthusiasts and visitors all year. Other fun events include the Uxbridge Fall Fair, the Heritage Christmas Craft Show, and the Uxbridge Ribfest held during the peak of the summer, plus the York Durham Heritage Railway operates an old fashion steam tourist train. It’s all fun, small town charm right down to the unique little cinema called The Roxy.

Awaiting the planned expansion of the Go Transit light rail service into Uxbridge, the town will soon be much more connected with convenient traveling into Toronto. And as a growing township with a wealth of natural beauty, it’s certainly a place to watch.