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Stan Nevolovich

Sales Representative - Realty Inc


(647) 404-4335

Stan comes to us by way of South Africa and the U.S where he studied Political Science & Government as well as receiving a degree in Sports Psychology. As a former tennis star and high performance athlete, Stan understands discipline, competition and hard work, which he has parlayed into a very successful real estate career. Stan is a hard working, creative and attentive person who loves real estate because it is an industry that allows you to work with people and help them make some of their most important and life changing decisions. After moving to Toronto in 2005, Stan settled in the Midtown area of the city, primarily around the Yonge & Eglinton neighbourhood. This remains one of his favourite parts of Toronto due to the vibrancy of the neighbourhood and he can’t wait to see what the new developments bring. When he’s not scoring an ace for his latest client, Stan enjoys spending time with friends, playing ping pond and going to the gym.


"I wanted the opportunity to write a testimonial about Stan because I had an incredible experience purchasing my first home. I had essentially zero exposure to the ins and outs of buying a place when I first started looking for my place. I made an account on, and started browsing over the course of several days. I clicked ‘book a viewing’ on a few units and was contacted by Stan almost immediately after this, and he set up a time to see not only the units I booked but also similar units that he thought I may be interested in. At this time, I had not been pre-approved by any bank, and had really no idea what my true price range was, but Stan said it was 100% okay and that it’s good to view units inside and outside of your price range to get an idea of what to expect. I took a break from searching for condos for a while, as I got my income sources sorted out after moving to Toronto. Once I was in a stable position, I contacted Stan again and he began searching for places for me. We saw approximately 20-30 units in total. Stan always booked viewings as soon as he could to fit my schedule and frequently picked me up right from work as he knew my transportation situation wasn’t ideal. Throughout the entire process, we made offers on 3 units. With the first two, we were outbid by other buyers but Stan was persistent in trying to get my offer to the top. I ended up selecting a place in Fort York, which Stan allowed me to view several times (I brought my family along to get their input). He never seemed inconvenienced or irritated by us wanting to view different elements of the building (amenities, similar units/comparables within the building, etc.). When we finally made an offer on this last place, the buyers and their real-estate agent were difficult to deal with, but Stan went back and forth with them tirelessly, and even reduced his commission a significant amount because he knew I was dead-set on this place. I ended up getting the unit, and even after-the-fact, Stan has continually been extremely responsive to texts, emails, dealing with bad mortgage brokers, phone calls, and questions I have about ‘what to do next’. I have only ever heard bad things about real estate agents, but I think I really lucked out in getting Stan on my first shot. I would recommend him 100 times over, especially to new buyers as he is very clear with explaining concepts behind getting a place for your first time. He also has connections to fantastic lawyers for assisting with processing real estate transactions. He offered to allow me to view the unit again recently to take measurements (which I took him up on). I think his willingness to take time out of his own schedule to book a viewing/recommend to do something I hadn’t even thought of/asked for truly indicates that Stan has his client’s best interest in mind. I look forward to moving into my place now, knowing he will be there on move-in day to ensure the process goes smoothly!"

- Nick