Nate Zhang

Nate Zhang

Sales Representative
MBA in Commercial Banking
About Nate Zhang

As a Condo Specialist, Nate spends most of his time researching different strata buildings and neighbourhoods. His expertise is to work with first-time home buyers and condo investors, carefully going through every detail on things like the Building Insurance, Strata Minutes and Bylaws, Strata Financials and any potential Repair and Lawsuits. With Nate's help, buying a condo should be just as easy and transparent as buying an iPhone from Apple Store. Nate received his MBA in Banking from Univ. of Illinois in 2013. He also holds a diploma in accounting, real estate trading and management certificate from UBC. With his strong financial background, Nate is the best condo appraiser who is continually monitoring the market. When it comes to condo appraisal, every factor matters, such as the timing, location, strata insurance, floor, view, etc., sometimes a bylaw change would seriously affect the value of the property. Nate will leverage his condo buying expertise, helping you to determine the actual market value, with 100% honesty and transparency. Before joining, Nate had five years of B2B sales experience in consumer products. He also worked as an apartment leasing agent in Downtown Chicago. Besides work, Nate enjoys trading stocks, playing Tennis and watching Netflix documentaries. If you have any questions or doubts regarding condo buying or selling, please do not hesitate to contact Nate; he is always ready to provide you with the most sincere and professional answer!


My husband and I worked with Nate Zhang to buy our first place. He continuously offered a wonderful perspective and quickly learned about neighbourhoods he hadn't worked in. We absolutely loved the time we spent with him. We also truly appreciated the spreadsheets he made for us. I can't stress enough what a great experience we had. I would recommend Nate to all my peers and anyone looking to buy or sell -- and will absolutely work with him next time we're in the market.

-S & K

I met Nate during a home viewing in New West. He was so patient and listened to all my needs. The most impressive thing Nate did was the enormous amount of research, digging into the strata documents even before we wrote our first offer. He honestly disclosed a major bylaw change(occupancy limit from 4 to 2 ) and suggested the offer price based on that. It was such a great experience having Nate as my buyer's agent. I would highly recommend him as your agent too!

-Thomas W