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Toronto Condo Neighbourhood Spotlight: Davisville

Toronto Condo Neighbourhood Spotlight: Davisville

Feb 11, 2015
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That Davisville Village is a great place to live is no secret - it’s been a prime neighbourhood for Toronto real estate for years - but its relative affordability may surprise you.

Toronto Life pegged it as “a midtown address without the Summerhill prices”, featuring Davisville in both their 2012 and 2013 Where to Buy Now guides. And both Mount Pleasant West and Mount Pleasant East, the two areas that make up Davisville, made it onto Toronto Life’s Top Ten Best Places to Live in the City list.

If you’re looking for condos for sale in Toronto in a safe, vibrant, conveniently-located and reasonably-priced neighbourhood that has that sense of elegance and old-world charm, then a Davisville condo may be for you.

For buyers who are unfamiliar with the area, Davisville Village runs south of Eglinton to Merton (just above Mount Pleasant Cemetery) between Yonge and Bayview. It’s split into two neighbourhoods – Mount Pleasant West and Mount Pleasant East where there are some excellent Yonge and Davisville condos .

Here are just some of the reasons why we love this stylish ‘hood.

Toronto Condo Neighbourhood: Davisville Offers Choice



What’s great about condos in Davisville is that, for buyers who aren’t quite sure what they want, there’s a wide variety of building sizes, styles and types within a relatively small footprint. And with such a high density of condominiums, there are almost always dozens of listings at any given time of year.

Along Yonge you’ll find newer, sleek buildings like Quantum South Tower and Quantum North Tower . Mount Pleasant Road and Davisville offer older but charming buildings with larger suites like 900 Mount Pleasant . And the SoHo Lofts offer great value as do the SoHo Bayiew Lofts further east on Eglinton, pictured above.

There are also some excellent condos for rent in Toronto around Davisville right now for those not quite ready to make a purchase.

It’s a Stable Market

Have a look at our value trends for Mount Pleasant West condos and Mount Pleasant East condos and you’ll see a nice, fairly steady increase over the last ten years. Davisville doesn’t have the wild peaks that you see in some trendy neighbourhoods but it also doesn’t tend to have the “value valleys” either.

It’s a safer investment than some of Toronto’s trendier, up-and-coming areas where home values can spike suddenly to unrealistic, unsustainable levels with the addition of just a few, sleek pre-construction projects that are overpriced. Come re-sale, values actually start to decline. With Davisville, there’s a stability to the market that is comforting to buyers who are planning on staying in their condo for the long-haul or who have a lower risk-tolerance when it comes to investments

But it’s a Market that Hasn’t Fully Matured (read: you can still get in)

This is an established neighbourhood but it’s still growing. So, while you’re unlikely to get a steal on a Toronto condo in Davisville, you are likely to get great value for Midtown.

That’s the real beauty of this community. For all the luxury neighbourhoods that surround this area like Chaplin Estates and Leaside, Davisville probably should be more expensive than it actually is.

Condos in Mount Pleasant West are still affordable at an average price of $577 per square foot in 2014. For the neighbourhood features and proximity to downtown that you’re getting, this is good bang for your buck. In Mount Pleasant East you’re looking at an even better average price of $552 per square foot and Yonge and Davisville is a great, vibrant neighbourhood to be a part of.

It’s Aptly Named

A day spent along Mount Pleasant, the area’s main shopping strip, is, well, quite pleasant. There is of course the more mainstream shopping and dining district at Yonge and Eglinton but we prefer the charm of Mount Pleasant with its boutiques, antique stores, indie cafés and unique bookstores.

Be sure to check out one of our favourite independent bookstores in Toronto, Mabel’s Fables . It’s a magical place to spend an hour (or three) if you have kids.

It’s Streets Are Made for Walking

Davisville is a great neighbourhood for people who prefer to leave their cars at home. You’re in walking distance of shopping, restaurants and transit but you also have access to the walking trail through Mount Pleasant Cemetery which is a beautiful trek back through history.

And yes, you can even spot wildlife on occasion.



It’s On the Move

This area is already well-served by both driving routes and TTC services along major arteries like Bayview, Yonge and Eglinton but public transit is about to get a whole lot better.

If you have a cross-town versus downtown commute, consider a condo for sale in Toronto Mount Pleasant West where you’ll be steps away from the new Light Rail Transit line “The Crosstown”, currently in construction. There will be a stop at Yonge & Eglinton in a spiffy, new station that will also include retail and services.

Davisville residents, what’s your favourite thing about living in this midtown community? Let us know, below.

Lead Photo of Mount Pleasant Cemetery used via Creative Commons © Royal Rivers from Flickr.