Agents: why I love

Agents: why I love

Agents, are you looking for a great new real estate company to call home?

  • is a real estate brokerage that’s all about supporting the success of our agents. And we do that a little differently than the other guys:

  • We offer a collaborative culture where agents are part of a team: it’s not dog-eat-dog here, we help each other succeed.

  • 3 powerhouse, high-traffic websites (,, that push warm leads to you on the regular so you can ramp up fast and keep the momentum going.

  • An incredible agent training program that will help you set goals and reach them faster than you ever thought possible.

But don't take our word for how awesome it is to be a agent: see what agents who have found success with us have to say:

“Since joining, I haven't just learned how to be a good realtor. I've learned how to be one that stands out.”

- Grace Alzate, Sales Representative

“When help is needed, there is always someone to assist, whether that's agent support or the excellent mentors. The brokerage has come a long way since I started, and it's only getting better and better each year. Join the meetings, soak up the knowledge, and immerse yourself in the community and you will succeed in this industry.”

- Chemica Anderson, Sales Representative

“I have chosen because they provide the best website in Canada, powerful support, and a one-of-a-kind training and coaching program. They make you good at selling and buying in your area.”

- Marjan Ansari, Sales Representative

“I started my real estate career at and I can't see myself working anywhere else. I have friends at other brokerages who don't get even a fraction of the support I have here. We're given so many tools and hands-on assistance/support, that virtually the only ingredient agents need to bring to the table is a work ethic. If you have that, you're bound to succeed here. The technology team is constantly improving the experience of current and potential clients, and making our agent work lives much easier and more effective. Leadership is fully committed not only to excellence, but also to creating a communal, helpful company culture. Everyone is approachable, top to bottom.”

- Jeff Augustine, Sales Representative

“I love the spirit of cooperation and community within the High Park branch and the company. It is an environment that encourages striving for excellence. My manager Sandra has been an incredible mentor and support to me as my business grows, and has the tech and people-power to bring our brokerage to the next level year after year.”

- Alexandra Cote, Sales Representative

“My business ramped up really, really quickly. Because of the way leads come in here, you can really hit the ground running.”

- Alexander Evans, Sales Representative

“I came from a small brokerage where everyone was much older than me. I chose to work at because leads were readily available and I wanted to be surrounded by a younger, motivated, like-minded crowd that were full-time agents hungry to succeed in the business. I love that other agents on the team are open to sharing their knowledge and you can bounce your ideas off one another. In most brokerages, the environment is very competitive (in a negative way). At, we have so many leads that we don't have to fight each other for business. The competition within the company is positive and other agents are there to help you when needed."

- Albina Gorbachevskaya, Sales Representative

“All of my previous experience was in outbound marketing, which is slow, expensive and no longer effective. When I joined, I was introduced to the world of inbound marketing, online lead generation and lead conversion. This was truly a life-changing experience that has allowed me to grow my business exponentially while offering my clients the ultimate real estate experience. Seeing how the company has leveraged the world-class technology they gained from the condo business into freehold housing has given me and my clients a much-needed tool to be successful in today's incredibly fast-moving housing market.”

- Adam Linden, Broker

“The leadership team is always open to new ideas and initiatives, and they also emphasize equality within the brokerage. And the support staff is amazing! Very responsive and always ears open to agent feedback. Whenever I'm in a time-sensitive situation, I can always count on agent support to hold it down. I've been at the brokerage since 2014, and I would recommend this office to any agent trying to take their business to the next level, has all the tools!”

- Cameron Miller, Sales Representative

“Having all these leads is amazing and easy, and I didn’t have to tap into family and friends like they train you at traditional brokerages. I’ve done really well with the systems and tools the company has provided me.”

- Sean Miller, Sales Representative

“Since joining, the thought of leaving has never crossed my mind once. The entire company, from front desk, managers, IT department, and marketing go above and beyond for us all, and their dedication is indisputable. Working here has been an absolute pleasure, and I am proud to say that I am a part of this incredible and iconic team!"

- Kayla Osborne, Sales Representative

“When I got my real estate license, I interviewed with a few big-name companies, but was something completely different. Super-cozy, startup-style brokerage, friendly staff, lots of younger and motivated people, robust website, great onboarding, and most importantly, a ton of leads who registered on the website that I was able to work with starting from day one. In my first full year, I made way over six figures which was something that I could only have dreamed about elsewhere. Joining this brokerage was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

- Nikola Petkovic, Sales Representative

“Agent support has been great: it’s quick, intuitive, and a great time-saving component that lets me focus on the tasks that matter.”

- Arvin Reyes Tamboowallah, Sales Representative

Thinking about joining a brokerage where you can really level up your game?

Give us a call – we'd love to talk to you about how you could succeed as a agent. In the meantime, get the scoop on what it's like to work with us by viewing our agent brochure. It’s a great resource with a ton of information to help you decide if we’re the right fit for you

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