Toronto just redefined a bunch of neighbourhoods

Toronto just redefined a bunch of neighbourhoods

Did you know you might be living in a whole new neighborhood – without actually moving? Yup, thanks to updates brought in by the City of Toronto on April 12, names have been changed, borders have been redrawn, and TO has gone from 140 official nabes to 158. 

Why the change? It has to do with how the folks at City Hall do their research and planning. Dividing the city up into these new neighborhoods helps them better address each area's needs. The biggest reason is population growth: Toronto has grown a ton since the last time neighbourhoods were defined in the 1990s. All the big spikes in residential development led to the borders being redefined. (We’re looking at you, area formerly known as Mimico and now going by Mimico-Queensway and Humber Bay Shores.) 

“CityPlace is now officially married to Harbourfront, and Fort York has eloped with Liberty Village,” says agent Arvin Reyes. “And if you thought you were living in the Bay St. Corridor, home is now officially either Bay-Cloverhill or Yonge-Bay Corridor.”

Arvin says the changes could end up impacting more than just what the area you live in is called: it could actually change how people perceive value. For example, CityPlace’s new association with higher-end Harbourfront could actually end up increasing values in CityPlace. 

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Here’s a rundown of the changes: 

Bay-Cloverhill | Yonge-Bay Corridor

Bendale-Glen Andrew | Bendale South

Church-Wellesley | Downtown Yonge East

Junction-Wallace Emerson | Dovercourt Village

Oakdale-Beverley Heights | Downsview

Islington | Etobicoke City Centre

L'Amoreaux West | East L'Amoreaux

Malvern West | Malvern East

Mimico-Queensway | Humber Bay Shores

North Toronto | South Eglinton-Davisville

West Queen West | Fort York-Liberty Village

Parkwoods-O'Connor Hills | Fenside-Parkwoods

West Rouge | Morningside Heights

Wellington Place | Harbourfront-CityPlace St. Lawrence-East Bayfront-The Islands

Yonge-Doris | East Willowdale | Avondale

Golfdale-Cedarbrae-Woburn | Woburn North

Looking for a property that falls into one of the newly defined ‘hoods? Search or – and talk to a agent to get started.

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