Ready to sell but don’t have an agent?

Ready to sell but don’t have an agent?

The housing market has been hot forever, and condo sales have ramped up over the last couple of months. If you want to take advantage of the market right now, a great seller’s real estate agent can help you maximize your home’s value - and make the whole experience a lot easier.

But there are thousands of options out there: how do you know if a real estate agent is good? And how do you find one that’s right for you? Here are 6 traits of an agent who will be easy to work with - and get you the results you’re looking for.

  1. They’re not a “yes” person.

    A great agent won’t always agree with you, and that’s okay. While they should certainly listen to what you want and not talk down to you, you’ve hired them for their expertise. So if you’re set on an unrealistic selling price, for example, they will tell you so - otherwise, your property will just sit on the market. A good agent will take your needs into account, but also ask tough questions and offer alternatives that might work better for your needs/budget.

  2. They work as a real estate agent full-time.

    Some agents work part-time or “on the side.” To get the level of expertise you want and the attention you deserve, opt for someone who puts their whole focus into being an agent. Plus, they’ll likely be more accessible and responsive than someone who is dividing their time.

  3. They play well with others.

    Agents need to be patient and unflappable, whether it’s with their own clients or the buyer agents they’re negotiating with. You don’t want someone who gets upset or angry during a tough negotiation or gives you a hard time about changing your mind about something.

  4. They really know the area.

    If you’re selling in Liberty Village, you want an agent who knows Liberty Village well. The same thing goes for Mississauga or Leslieville or the downtown core. These are all micro markets with their own characteristics and complexities. Having an agent who knows the neighbourhood gives sellers an edge: they’ll have an in-depth understanding of property values to ensure your property is priced right. And they’ll also know what buyers in that area are looking for, so they’ll make sure your unit is staged to appeal to those buyers - and marketed effectively to the right audience.

  5. They’re responsive and communicative.

    You’ll probably have lots of questions, especially if this is your first time selling. Never be afraid that you’re “bugging” your agent with too many questions. That’s what they’re there for. An agent that’s patient and responsive is a wonderful resource. And they should be asking you lots of questions, too, to make sure they understand your goals and keep you in the loop about how they plan to sell your unit, where things are at with the process, and whatever else you want to know.

  6. They specialize in your property type.

    Selling a condominium is very different than selling a house. Agents who sell a lot of condos know how to price units properly, market them to highlight their unique benefits, and deal with condo-specific legal elements of a sale. Plus, they can recommend trusted professionals who specialize in the condo market too, like stagers who know how to turn a cookie-cutter unit into a unique, stylish home.

    There are also niches within the condo niche: if you’re selling a luxury unit, for example, a place in a building geared towards retirees or a live/work condo, having an agent who understands the nuances of each of those markets is essential to attracting the right buyers and getting the best price.

    And if you’re looking to sell a pre-construction unit before it’s built, that’s another specialized field with a lot of legal and financial complexities: you definitely want to work with an agent well-versed in assignment sales, who has a good network of buyers and investors looking to pick up pre-con contracts.

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Why do I need a seller real estate agent?

Selling a property is complicated, and it really helps to have someone in your corner who understands how the process works, knows the market, has strong negotiating skills and will market your listing to ensure it gets in front of the most potential buyers.

Is your neighbourhood on the hot list for buyers? Which lawyer should you use? Should you stage your home before selling? How can you price your home to sell fast, and for the highest possible price? An agent will guide you through all these questions...and all kinds of other stuff you won’t find online.

What’s the difference between a seller’s real estate agent and a buyer’s agent?

A seller’s agent is someone who is experienced in (you guessed it) selling properties. They know how to price things right, list a unit to its greatest advantage, negotiate on your behalf, and navigate bidding wars and bully offers. That’s a little different from a buyer’s real estate agent, who focuses more on helping buyers find homes and negotiating on their behalf during a purchase. Most agents have experience doing both, but not all, so be sure to ask.

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