Pandemic Thanksgiving: finding things to be thankful for

Pandemic Thanksgiving: finding things to be thankful for

Thanksgiving is around the corner, and with renewed restrictions, many of us may be facing a less-than-ideal holiday without all our family and friends. But while it’s okay to feel a little hard done by these days – the pandemic has certainly taken its toll on all of us in different ways – a little thankfulness can actually help us get through the bad stuff. Countless studies have shown people who practice gratitude feel better about their lives, build stronger relationships, feel more supported, and are actually physically healthier!

So in that spirit, we asked our agents and employees what they're thankful for right now, and they had lots to say. Here's a sampling:

“My health and my family – and my job and all it makes possible for myself and my clients.”
Rob Ackerley, Sales Representative

“For my health and my loved ones, and for being able to enjoy life to the fullest, despite and in spite.”
Anna Kuzmenko, Sales Representative

“Digital tools like DocuSign that enable my clients to do so much virtually.”
Keith Aitken, Sales Representative

“As a realtor, I can be flexible with my work schedule so I can take care of my kids at home when they have a cold and can't go to school – and have to go get a COVID test…”
Todd Armstrong, Broker

There were lots of other answers, too, ranging from a hot housing market that's keeping everyone busy, to technology that enables connection with loved ones and clients, to the pandemic puppies and kittens that are ruling our homes and our hearts.

Having a little trouble feeling the love these days?

Feeling thankful, even for something really small, is an easy way to give yourself a bit of a lift. It can be anything from seeing your favorite restaurant survive the shutdown to wearing yoga pants everyday, or even a nice thing a coworker said to you recently.

Here are a few tips to help you find a gratitude moment or two – and get a little boost to help you cope with this trying time.

  1. Write it down. When someone says something nice or something good happens, make a note of it. It's a great thing to go back to when you're feeling low.

  2. Share good things. Some families have a Thanksgiving tradition where everyone around the table says one thing they're thankful for. Try that with your crew (it works with virtual get-togethers, too, and at regular, non-holiday dinners).

  3. Say thank you to others. It feels good to hear it, but also to say it.

  4. Appreciate the small stuff. The beautiful autumn leaves in the park. Biting into a crisp apple. A cuddle from your puppy. Find what’s good.

What are you grateful for?
Share your good stuff with us on Instagram this Thanksgiving.

Here’s something else to be thankful for this season: the condo market has shifted to favour buyers, meaning that finding great value homes for our clients just got easier. If you're looking to take advantage of the current market and land a great property in the city, contact a Condo Pro today.

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