New year, new furniture!

New year, new furniture!

As price per square foot goes up and up, condos are getting smaller. But buying or renting a compact unit doesn’t mean you can’t live large in your space: there are some pretty cool furniture options out there to help you live beautifully in any size home. If your goal for 2022 is to make your place cuter, cozier and feeling a bit more spacious, this list is for you!


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Convertible couch. This classic option is ideal when people stay over or you need to convert your living area into a sleeping space every night. But sleeper sofas have come a long way since the heavy, lumpy monstrosities our parents had in their basements. Like this awesome double decker couch from Expand Furniture in Vancouver that turns into a bunk bed. (So clever.)

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Chair bed. No room for a big sofa? This mini fold-out from Small Space Plus in Toronto is a comfy reading chair by day and a single bed by night – and can also be turned into a lounger. Perfect for an occasional guest…or a snoring partner.

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Sofabed with storage. This bad boy from Structube does a ton. Not only does it fold out into a double bed with a comfy memory foam mattress, the chaise section opens up for some serious storage…a feature every condo dweller needs more of!

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A big statement piece couch. Small spaces don’t necessarily need small furniture. In fact, putting a bunch of “condo-sized” items in a room can make it look cluttered. You may want to go with one bigger piece that dominates the room instead. It will make the space feel cozy and comfortable – just be sure to minimize other furniture to keep things looking roomy. These awesome sectionals, made by Montreal-based Cozey, are fully modular. Each couch arrives in manageable boxes and you can easily put it together (and take it apart) to fit it through doors and into your space.

Space saving table

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Space-saving side tables. Once you get a couch into your living room, there may not be a ton of space left over for side tables…so where do you put your coffee? Try this modern C-shaped side table that tucks into your couch when not in use. Or this one, which doesn’t take up any extra space at all: it fits right over the arm of your couch.

Expandable dining. When you’re having the gang over, this remarkable table from Expand Furniture transforms from a teeny console to a dining table for 10! Watch their video to see it in action…it’s some very smart design.

expandable table

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Convertible coffee table. IKEA’s Trulstorp table has a section that lifts up into an eating area. It’s perfect if you don’t have room for a table – or if you just want to eat your Friday night takeout while binging the latest Netflix offering.

A bed with storage. Your bed takes up a pretty big footprint, but that space can easily do double duty as storage for your stuff. Whether you’re looking for a bed frame with easy-access drawers or a hydraulic bed where the whole mattress lifts up, Small Space Plus has tons of options.

Corner desk. Don’t have much room to set up a home office? This little guy works well in a small space. The desk surface fits a monitor and keyboard, and there’s a drawer to hold your stuff as well as some shelving underneath for some additional storage

Sofa Workstation

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Sofa workstation. No space for a desk? No problem. This couch-friendly table tilts up to securely hold your laptop. And when you’re not working, you can use it as a side table that looks great beside (or tucked into) your sofa.

floating shelf with clock
floating shelf with robots

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Floating shelves. When you live in a condo, anything that doesn’t take up floor space is a good thing. So whether you need a bedside surface for your phone, storage for your home office or a place to show off your Star Wars bobbleheads, these cube and hexagon shelves from Canadian Tire are great-looking space savers.

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