Let’s celebrate Black achievement

Let’s celebrate Black achievement

Black History Month is all about celebrating everything Black people and Black communities have achieved. The month means something a little different to everyone, so we asked a few of our agents and employees to weigh in on why it’s important to them, and to tell us about the people who inspire them to reach higher and do more in their own lives.

Brendon Cowans VP of Sales at Property.ca

“Black people are pioneers and founders and innovators, and it’s important that we don’t forget those achievements. Knowing where we’ve been and what we’ve done allows us to make a bigger change and influence the future to uplift not just our people, but all people.” - Brendon Cowans, VP of Sales, Property.ca

Cameron Miller Sales Representative for Property.ca

“Celebrating pays homage to the game changers in the Black communities. To me, the perfect example of black excellence is the Toronto Raptors' very own Masai Ujiri. He’s always leveraging his platform to give back to the black communities in Africa.” - Cameron Miller, Sales Representative

Alexia Lewis Sales Representative for Property.ca

“I think a celebration of how an entire culture rose up against the odds is educational and inspiring. The best way for our communities to support each other is to get educated on both history and current challenges. As a Black woman living in Canada, my experience has been one of inclusion and a remarkable sense of pride in my multicultural community.” - Alexia Lewis, Sales Representative

Shane Parnell Sales Representative for Property.ca

“As a Jamaican, it might sound completely cliche, but to me, Bob Marley is a great role model. Being one of the most recognizable faces on earth when he was alive, and using that popularity to push an agenda of racial equality and "good vibrations” during such a volatile social climate was very brave and should always be recognized.” - Shane Parnell, Sales Representative

Chemica Anderson Sales Representative for Property.ca

“Celebrating Black History Month is important because we can reflect on the challenges Black people have faced and the ways they have contributed to society.” - Chemica Anderson, Sales Representative

Alysha Harvey Graphic Designer at Property.ca

“We can all help by donating to organizations that support racial justice, supporting Black-owned businesses, educating yourself and listening to Black voices. The resources are endless.” - Alysha Harvey, Graphic Designer, Property.ca

Ed Emmanuel Deal Administrator at Property.ca

“Celebrating Black History Month is about emphasizing the importance of our accomplishments and most of all, our participation in building our country. I actually think it should be more than a month: our history is too rich, complex, beautiful and unique to be summed up in such a short time. To support each other, let’s keep shopping black-owned businesses, hiring with diversity in mind, and being understanding, present and open to learning.” - Ed Emmanuel, Deal Administrator, Property.ca

Anne Wilson Sales Representative for Property.ca

“Knowing the past can help shape your future for the better. Knowledge is power! I learned for the first time that there have been quite a number of Black hockey players (men and women) in the NHL and other high-profile teams. By celebrating them, we give hope to our young black men and women.” - Anne Wilson, Sales Representative

Celebrating Black History is important – and so is fostering diversity every month of the year.

By building an inclusive, equitable culture at work and in our communities, it means all of us – from agents to employees to the clients we serve – can all feel safe and at home. And that’s a good thing.

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