Cozy up your condo for fall: 8 ideas to warm up your space

Cozy up your condo for fall: 8 ideas to warm up your space

Fall is almost here, and with it, a sense of new beginnings, a desire for warmth and coziness (who else can't wait for sweater weather?) and a move to spending more time inside. So why not embrace fall with a few easy DIY decor ideas? Here are 8 simple ideas to cozy up your living space for the season:

  1. Embrace fall colour. Colour is what autumn is known for, after all. Pull in nature’s magic show with burnt oranges, mustard yellows, rich reds and mossy greens. Paint or wallpaper an accent wall, add splashes of colour with pillows, change up your curtains, add a new area rug, and bring in some bright flowers.

  2. Throw in some texture. Layer in a soft cashmere blanket with a couple of touchable velvet pillows, incorporate wood accents, or fancy up your floors by replacing (or pairing) summer sisal with wool or faux sheepskin rugs.

  3. Level up your lighting. As the days get shorter and the nights cool down, there’s nothing like curling up with a good book and a blanket in a soft pool of light cast. The right lighting will warm up any space and make it more inviting. No need to spend a lot on something new - sometimes just moving a bedroom lamp into your home office, repurposing an old fixture with a new shade or adding a cool vintage find is all you need.

    Fall decor arrangement with pumpkins
  4. Get a little rustic. Homespun, vintage, antique, shabby chic...whatever you want to call it, something that’s a little weathered by time adds softness and a comforting sense of nostalgia. Don’t shy away from rustic touches if your space is super-modern: a vintage piece can work beautifully in a clean, white space: picture an old photo in a vintage frame on a glass and steel side table, or an antique porcelain vase as a counterpoint to the defined lines and hard edges of a sleek kitchen.

  5. Decorate with nature. Bring on the cheery mini-pumpkins and gourds. Incorporate tree branches (a single branch in a tall floor vase totally makes a statement), framed dried leaves, a sheaf of wheat, crisp red apples in a bowl, or, if you’re feeling crafty, a delicate DIY mobile that lends the peaceful feeling of falling leaves to your home. (See instructions below.)

Easy falling leaves mobile

You’ll need: leaves, wax paper, iron, thread, two twigs

  1. Tie the twigs together to make an X.

  2. Place each leaf between two sheets of wax paper (waxy side touching the leaf). With a thin cloth on top, press with hot iron until the wax melts and the paper is transparent. Flip the leaf and repeat.

  3. Carefully peel off the paper or cut out the leaves and attach them to the sticks with varying lengths of thread.

Want to make it a wall hanging instead? Just use one stick.

  1. Break out the blankets. Drape a fleece throw (or three) over your couch or ottoman, roll some vintage plaid covers into a big basket, or stuff a blanket box until it's overflowing with fuzzy textures in inviting fall shades. Instant cozy vibes!

  2. Fire up some ambiance. Most condos don’t come with a fireplace, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one: there are lots of wall-mounted electric options out there that are plug-and-play, and offer a similar feel to a wood burning fireplace. (If you’re looking for that wood smoke smell, however, an electric fireplace won’t give you that, but a fancy candle with a woodsmoke scent can get pretty close.) And speaking of candles, they are yet another simple way to add warmth and coziness, and they come in all kinds of lovely fall scents like autumn leaves and orange, clove and pumpkin spice.

    Cozy setup with a warm drink and candles
  3. Don’t forget about your outdoor space! If you love spending time on your balcony or terrace in the summer, extend that enjoyment into the colder months by throwing some fall-coloured pillows and throws out there too. There’s nothing better than coffee, a book and a warm blanket on a crisp fall day. You could also look into an outdoor heater to really maximize your time outdoors.

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You don’t have to have pumpkins and seasonal tchotchkes everywhere to achieve a fall feel. (Though if that’s your aesthetic, have at it.) Sprucing things up for fall is simply about creating the warmth you want as the days get shorter, and you can do that in whatever way suits your style. Now excuse us while we go pick up our first pumpkin spice latte and shop for some turtlenecks!

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