Apples to apples: compare up to 8 condos at a glance

Apples to apples: compare up to 8 condos at a glance

When you’re shopping for a big-ticket item like a computer, many sites have a handy tool that lets you compare different models side-by-side so it’s easy to choose the best one for you. When you’re buying something at a slightly higher price point – like, say, a condo – having tools to help you make the right decision is even more crucial.

That’s where the comparison tool can help.

Once you’ve signed up for a account, you can easily compare up to 8 properties (for sale or for rent), looking at everything from price to square footage, maintenance fees to building amenities.

Watch the 30-second how-to video here

Click and compare

  1. On your desktop, select the “compare” button in a listing you like or on a listing thumbnail in your search results.

    step 1

    To use the comparison tool on your phone, save all your listings to your favourites and compare from there.

    step 1a
  2. As you add each one, it will appear on the “Compare” screen.

    step 2
  3. Once you’re done adding listings, click “Compare” and you’ll see a result that looks like this:

    step 3
  4. Don’t forget to scroll down: in addition to individual unit features, you’ll see building and neighborhood info, too. Lots of data to help you decide!

  5. Once you’ve narrowed things down to the units you want to see, let your agent (the one that appears in the upper corner of all your listings) know and they’ll call you to set up some showings.

Ready to start comparing? Simply create a account to access all the info you need to search better and buy smart.

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