Agent spotlight: meet Oudi Elmalem, the REALTOR® who’s changing lives

Agent spotlight: meet Oudi Elmalem, the REALTOR® who’s changing lives

Oudi Elmalem has been with for 4 years, and in that short time, has worked his way onto the list of the company’s top 20 agents. That success comes from his strong entrepreneurial drive – and from his genuine passion for helping people with some of the biggest decisions they’ll ever make. It’s what he loves most about being a REALTOR®: the idea of changing people’s lives.

“At the end of the day, it’s their biggest purchase,” he says. “It’s where they go to sleep at night, where they wake up in the morning, where they live their lives. So many people – including agents – tend to overlook just how monumental a decision it is to buy or sell a home. I don’t take that lightly, and try to be understanding and make the experience as smooth and easy as possible.”

How homes can change lives

One of Oudi’s most memorable transactions came very early in his career. It was a lease – one of his first ones – and it’s what opened his eyes to how much an agent who cares can impact someone’s life.

“I was working with a couple that had just moved here from India,” he says. “They were staying in a hotel in a not-great part of town because they didn’t know Toronto at all – there was actually an incident nearby the night before we met, and they were frightened. Plus, they didn’t have jobs yet – or a credit history. It was tough, but I managed to get them into a beautiful rental condo at Bayview and Sheppard, and that truly changed their lives for the better.”

A year later, that couple bought their first townhouse with Oudi, then sold it and upgraded to a bigger home. He changed their lives, but they changed his, too, by helping him see what a difference he could make in his newly chosen career.

Home Exterior

12 Green Gates Court

From leases to luxury homes

Since then, he’s helped countless clients rent, buy and sell a wide variety of properties. Of those, he says the most memorable was this 6,000 sq ft luxury home in St. Andrew (in the Yonge and York Mills area), which sold earlier this year.

“This place is a showstopper, perfect in every way,” says Oudi. “It’s architecturally stunning, with an elevator, a gorgeous backyard, and beautiful interior design. Plus, everything about this house is automated: speakers, lights, window coverings, just talk to walls and stuff happens. It’s a really remarkable property.”

Real estate via the restaurant biz

Selling luxury homes hasn’t always been on Oudi’s radar. Born in Israel, he came to Toronto with his family as a child (he’s fluent in Hebrew and French). After high school, he apprenticed as an electrician but decided early mornings weren’t for him. So he started working in the restaurant business, where he ended up meeting a real estate agent who gave him some life-changing advice.

“He asked me ‘what’s stopping you from becoming an agent?’” says Oudi. “He gave me some helpful guidance to get me started, and 6 weeks after I got my license, I was up and running at”


A chance meeting with a agent during a training session convinced him it was the right move.

“Every company says ‘listen, we’ll give you leads and whatnot,’” he says. “But during that session, I watched this agent claim a lead, call them, and land a client who was looking to sell their property. It was just that easy: he had a sale just like that, right in front of me. That was pretty convincing. The company’s tech focus and youthful vibe sealed the deal.”

Sports fan. Family man.

So what does Oudi do with his time when he’s not out there making lives better? Quite a lot, as it turns out. He plays football and baseball competitively, and he has two small kids, aged 3 and 6. So you’ll probably find him playing for one of the 3 leagues he belongs to, or tossing a ball or running around with his small fry.

If you’re looking to buy, sell or invest in the GTA, Oudi’s your man – give him a call and see how he can help change your life for the better.

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