Agent profile: Meet Daaron Johnston

Agent profile: Meet Daaron Johnston

When Daaron graduated from his finance and business degree, he realized pretty quickly that being stuck at a desk all day was not his thing. He wanted to be out in the action, meeting people and making things happen. So he put those biz skills to work as a REALTOR® – and found his calling as one of Inc.’s consistently top-producing agents.

How did you decide real estate was the right path for you?

To be honest, real estate isn't actually that different from capital markets. As an agent, I'm still trading in some pretty high numbers. But what’s different is how fun and interesting it is. It allows me to deal directly with people and physical assets rather than just sitting at a computer and crunching numbers. (Yawn.) 

Real estate has actually been in my blood since I was a kid. My mom has a real Martha Stewart vibe, and flipping houses was her thing when I was growing up. We must have moved 18 or 19 times over the course of my childhood. We lived mostly in Toronto and Scarborough, and I got to know a lot of different pockets of the city…which definitely helped me become the neighbourhood expert I am now.

What part of Toronto do you call home these days? 

The Beach. I love it – it has a great small town, community feel, and it's on the beach but also right in the city. It’s the best of all worlds. Plus, it's the perfect place to walk my Doberman Romi (short for Romeo…because he's a total heartbreaker). 

What makes you a good agent?

With my financial background, I have a good grasp of that side of real estate, which is helpful for everyone – from first-time buyers figuring out what they can afford to investors formulating wealth-building strategies. And as the owner of multiple properties myself, I can provide good insight and guidance from an investor’s perspective. 

I'm also a workaholic and I’m available for my clients 24/7. Last year, I took my clients to see a property on Christmas Eve and we bought it on Christmas Day, and then I did another deal right on New Year's Eve...that's dedication!

What do you love most about what you do?

Being in an industry where no two deals are ever the same. I'm constantly learning. I get to see some incredible places – gorgeous penthouses, amazing houses, the coolest lofts. Plus I get a glimpse into people's lives that few others get to see, which is always interesting. 

Why did you decide to join

When I first got my real estate license 5 years ago, I started  working at a big-name brokerage that sounded impressive, but didn’t offer much in the way of support. I made a whopping $5,000 in my first year. Then a friend who was an agent at showed me his paycheque – and I quit the next day and came here (just like in Wolf of Wall Street!). I love that they provide leads through the site – that was a game changer for me. And I’m part of a great team – I really mesh with everyone. Honestly, I love it and can't say enough good things. 

Got any good stories from your 5 years as an agent?

I do – a few, actually! I worked with the lead singer from 3 Doors Down, with Drake's ex-girlfriend – and I got to meet Kit Harrington while he was filming a movie here and was looking for a place in Toronto. We didn't end up working together, but he showed me the pilot for Game of Thrones…and I’m a little ashamed to report that I thought it was lame. Guess it's a good thing I don't work in entertainment.

I’ve had some cool adventures with my clients, too. I gave a VIP client a surprise helicopter tour of the city as a closing gift, and we circled his condo from the sky. That was a definite highlight. We’ve since done a number of deals together and I've helped him and his family build their real estate empire.

However, my favourite story is actually about a young couple trying to buy their first place. Because prices were increasing so quickly, they kept pushing back their wedding date – they couldn't afford to buy a home and get married at the same time. But I found them an amazing condo and negotiated an incredible deal – so good that they were able to go ahead with the big day. They were absolutely over the moon, and even invited me to their wedding! 

What do you do for fun when you're not working?

I love trying new Toronto restaurants like Osteria Guilia, which is incredible. But my biggest passion is travel. I have friends who live all over the world (the benefits of a degree in finance). My favourite destination so far has been Barcelona. There's nothing like walking out of a club on the beach at 6AM and watching the sun rise. 

Looking to buy, sell or invest in downtown Toronto, Midtown Toronto or the Beach? Daaron's your guy! Get in touch with him today.

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