5 reasons to join Property.ca

5 reasons to join Property.ca

Are you an established REALTOR® thinking about joining a new brokerage that can take you to the next level? A newer agent looking to land at a great place where you can really flourish?

Property.ca is a real estate company that’s growing fast, and we’re actively recruiting agents who want to join our ranks and up their sales game. Right now we have offices in the GTA and Vancouver, but that’s just the beginning – we’ve got aggressive growth goals and we’re looking for agents who want to jump into a young, dynamic team that’s all about agent success.

So why pick Property.ca over another brokerage? These 5 reasons right here:

  1. Less hustle, more leads

    You’ve probably heard of condos.ca, property.ca and mrloft.ca. They aren’t just powerful search tools, they’re full-on lead generation engines with 1.8M+ website sessions a month.

    To be able to access detailed listings, info about square footage, comparison tools, analytics and more, users provide their email and phone number. That contact information goes directly to our agents: all you have to do is claim your leads, and they’ll become the backbone of your business. That means no cold calling...just closing.

  2. Quick career acceleration

    We want our agents to grow – professionally, personally and financially. So we provide 1:1 coaching, group and on-demand training from some of the most successful agents in the business. Our weekly calls cover everything from business planning to increasing productivity to every part of the real estate transaction. It’s all designed to help you reach higher and achieve more.

  3. Tiered commission and support plans

    When it comes to fees and services, you only pay for what you need: choose from several plans that give you the right level of support and income for the stage your business is in right now.

  4. Serious support

    Our support teams streamline your day-to-day activities, help you build your brand, and equip you with the resources you need so you can focus on what matters most: helping your clients.

    The folks in brokerage ops answer calls, post listings, book showings, prep listing packages, prepare offers, get signatures, accept deposits, contact contractors for client work and more.

    The in-house marketing team gives you access to agency-quality marketing (most people on our in-house team come from the agency world). With their help, you’ll build awareness, connect, nurture and convert leads into clients.

    And there’s sales support, too. In addition to the daily warm leads you get from the system, a number of our branches have internal sales teams to scrub promising leads and get them ready for you to get in there and close.

  5. You’re part of a community

    We’re a close-knit group. Our agents and employees are a warm, supportive crew that’s there for each other in a way we think is pretty unique for the industry. We’ve got competitive personalities, but with all those leads coming in, there’s really no need to compete with each other.

    One of the best examples of that camaraderie and willingness to help colleagues is our agent Facebook group, which sees dozens of messages a day from agents asking each other questions, acting as informal mentors, posting listings and pre-con projects, offering leads, sharing resources (cleaners, stagers, building knowledge) and more.

If you’re looking for a real estate company that puts your needs first, you’ve found it. Everything we do is about making it as easy as possible for you to connect, nurture and close, while providing your clients with an amazing experience.

But don’t take our word for it...see what our agents have to say about working at Property.ca.


For more info, visit our agent website, or call us to book a conversation with our recruitment team. We’ve got big growth goals, and we know you do too: let’s talk about how we can do it together.

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