5 pet-friendly condos in Toronto

5 pet-friendly condos in Toronto

Happy National Pet Day! Every April 11, we celebrate the furry, feathered and scaly friends that make life worth living. If you're on the hunt for a condo where your four-legged family member can feel at home, look no further than this list of 5 pet-forward residences that welcome Milo, Baxter or Mr. Fluffypants with open paws.

We're talking cat-loving neighbours. Dog runs and pet spas. Animal-friendly finishes like scratch-resistant flooring. Wash stations for muddy paws. And even specially-designed outdoor spaces where pups can have a discreet wee without having to leave the building.

  1. The Merchandise Lofts at 155 Dalhousie have a rooftop dog walk and relief area, with turf surfaces and four (very cute) fake fire hydrants to make pooches feel at home. It's a great alternative for folks who don't want to walk to the park several times a day, and it offers a safe spot for early morning and late night outings. No surprise that the building is a fave with dog owners: their pooch population is 250+!

  2. Three buildings in Cityplace Harbourview Estates35 Mariner Terrace, 10 Navy Wharf Court and 9 Spadina Avenue – share a 4,000 square foot dog run and five dog relief areas totaling 1,000 square feet.

  3. Home Condominium on Ellis Park Road allows up to two dogs (any size) and is steps from doggie heaven: High Park’s 8.5-acre off-leash area. Known as Dog Hill, it’s a huge draw for pet owners from all over the city, with natural and paved trails and an awesome forested setting (squirrel!)

  4. River City Phase 3 at 170 Bayview is all about the doggos. Not only does it have a residents-only off-leash dog park that you need a fob to get into, it’s right across from Corktown Commons, which is a great spot for dogs.

  5. When Home. Power + Adelaide is complete, it will have a large dog park behind it to give the pups plenty of room to roam. Amenities will also include a pet spa, because as they say on their site, “your pets deserve to feel at home, too.” Truth.

Rental buildings have jumped on the pet-friendly bandwagon as well. The Livmore at 55 Gerrard has a “Bark Park” on its fifth-floor terrace with turf and (you guessed it) fire hydrants. Inside, there's a spa where you can pamper your pets with a grooming table, wash station and a blow dryer (cats are welcome too...if you can find one who’s into being blow-dried).

“I've definitely had clients ask about this stuff, says Adam Avenus, Sales Representative. “It makes a huge difference to owners, since pets are part of the family.”

Thanks to the growing demand (and a 2020 report from the City of Toronto emphasizing pet-friendly building guidelines), builders are catering more to families with members of the four-legged variety, and buildings are increasingly loosening restrictive policies.

“I like how many buildings are shying away from pet restrictions based on weight,” says David Francisco, Sales Representative. “Now they’re focusing more on restricting ‘nuisance pets’ like those who are aggressive or bark or whine excessively.”

But one thing to remember: when it comes to pets, not all condos are created equal. Some buildings don't allow them at all unless they’re service animals, and many impose limitations around size, the number you can have and the type of animal. Make sure your agent knows what kind of pet you have (or are planning to get) so you know the building’s policies before you get serious about a place.

Looking for a place both you and your pet(s) will love?

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