These new Vancouver condo prices are hard to believe

As we head into April and the spring season starts to take off, the demand for condos in Vancouver is fast out-pacing the supply and the effect on prices is a little hard to believe. […]

Foreign Investor Tax And Regulations PLEASE!

Hey guys, Carl Langschmidt here, President of We’ve been hearing from every direction that Toronto condo prices are going crazy and something needs to be done. A recent report from the Ryerson City Building […]

Record Real Estate Prices Make Toronto A World-Class Market

Stop, drop, and roll. The average price-per-square-foot (PSF) for Toronto is up 32.50% since one year ago, with downtown Toronto hitting almost $800/sqft on average.  Following up on our post from two weeks ago that […]

Are Rental Guarantee Programs a Smart Choice for Investors?

What are rental guarantee programs?   A rental guarantee program is a form of investor insurance that guarantees rental income on an investor’s property regardless of tenancy. The program typically guarantees a property for a […]

Crazy Toronto Condo Market Needs Higher Transparency

The Toronto real estate market is out of control. In the last month, the average PSF for the City of Toronto has risen from $592 to $620* based on recent sales. We are seeing final […]

The Downside of For-Sale-By-Owner Listings

In the wake of new consumer-direct services and technology, the real estate industry is seeing a rise in For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) transactions. FSBO (pronounced Fizz-Bow) is a common ‘Do-It-Yourself’ practice that removes the professional REALTOR® from […]

In A Seller’s Market, Buy Before You Sell Your Condo

The astounding rate at which Toronto condo prices have risen should have anyone who bought a condo four or five years ago jumping for joy today. PSF Index shows that since February last year an […]

How to Handle Bully Bids in Toronto’s Condo Market

In the Toronto condo market playground, do you have to be a bully to win the bid? With notably low inventory in Toronto’s freehold housing market and the average price up above $1 million in […]

Finding Family-Friendly Condos in Toronto

One-third of Toronto parents are raising their young families in a condo or apartment. With the lack of affordability in Toronto’s free-hold housing market, condos are becoming a much more desirable entry-point for first-time buyers […]

Six Tips for Buying Condos on Assignment Sales

During your search for condos in Toronto, you might come across something called an assignment sale. Condo Pro Abby Yen has offered up some helpful tips about how to navigate an assignment sale, but first […]