Tell Ontario We Need More Affordable Housing

For many of you who read this blog, it might seem that the housing-affordability crisis is an issue isolated to Toronto and the GTA, but it’s affecting all of Ontario. High sale and rental prices […]

Rent Control Removed on New Apartments in Ontario

Listen up! The Ontario government has announced that all new dwellings, any additions to existing dwellings that are used as apartments, and any older units that were unoccupied as of November 15, 2018 will NOT […]

Better Landlord Insurance Comes to Ontario

As a Toronto condo landlord, you want property insurance for many reasons. Top of the list, you want liability coverage in case a tenant gets seriously injured on your property and sues you for the […]

Urban Consumer Lifestyles Are Changing Toronto Condo Designs

With the launch of Line 5 Condos, we are excited to see that condo developers are recognizing the changes in consumer lifestyle preferences and designing new projects to address the way people want to live […]

Know the Rules for Smoking Cannabis in Condos

Cannabis use is legal in Canada, but your condominium board may have regulations that you should know about if you’re hoping to smoke pot at home. The laws regarding legal cannabis use are expansions of […]

How Currency VS Money Impacts the Real Estate Market

The nuance between money and currency is more complicated than most people think, yet it’s imperative that you understand the difference if you want to protect your wealth over the long term from inevitable market […]

Best Toronto Condos to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Since we know everything there is to know about condos in Toronto, we obviously know which Toronto condos would be the best places to live to survive the zombie apocalypse. In the spirit of the […]

Fall 2018 Toronto Condo Market Update

Faced with no more long weekends until the December holidays, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and seize the opportunities of this fall real estate season. Across most communities and price points, it’s clear […]

The Cost of Convenience with iBuyer Real Estate Services

Over the last year, a new service has emerged in the ever-evolving world of digital real estate. It’s called an iBuyer or “iBuying.” An iBuyer is an instant offer real estate business model whereby a […]

New Tridel Build Showcases Smart Home Condo Tech

Ten York is a 65-storey Tridel condo development in downtown Toronto on a sliver of land between Harbour Street and York Street. The building has roughly 700 units. Before you even get to the fancy digital […]