Hygge is great for small space Toronto condos

Hygge is great for small space Toronto condos

Toronto winters can be brutal, and after the glow of the holidays the wait until spring can be rough. Between short days, snow storms, and the threat of a polar vortex, anything to help get through the season is a welcome idea, especially if you live in a small space like a one-bedroom or studio condo in Toronto.

Enter hygge, a Danish design practice to help with the long, seemingly endless winter that focuses on creating a cozy home to find contentment and enjoy staying inside. It’s pronounced “hoo-gah” or “hue-gah” and embraces a lifestyle centred on simple pleasures and surrounding yourself in comfort.


Hygge is great for small space Toronto condos interior decor


Hygge started as a lifestyle, but it’s quickly becoming a decor trend as the overall effect creates a warm, inviting space perfect for relaxing. It can easily transform even small spaces to be personal havens away from the cold. However, it works well no matter what size space and is entirely customizable to what “cozy” means to each individual. The other upside is that hygge represents a lifestyle, so the decor can work year-round. No matter if you’re planning on making moves to sell your condo this spring, or crafting a sanctuary to enjoy from now through next October.

Hygge is great for small space Toronto condos decor

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Hygge is about self-care & health


Getting proper rest is a huge factor in staying healthy, as is staying comfortable while recuperating from a winter illness. Your bed and mattress is a key aspect of hygge living. Making sure your mattress is a great fit and comfortable helps you get as cozy as possible, especially if your bed is also your living area in a small, or shared space. While mattresses can be an investment, they don’t have to break the bank, there are plenty of discount mattresses and bedding options you can find online.

Hygge is great for small space Toronto condos

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Along with proper rest, a diffuser with your favourite essential oils can create a calming vibe and also help humidify the air. Long baths with epsom salts, flameless candles and even a face-mask for good measure can warm you back up after your commute, help with sore muscles and stress while being as cozy as possible.

Self-care and being mindful of your needs is always important, but taking extra care can go a long way during darker days of winter and being in close quarters with people.


How to Hygge


Use soft lighting like string lights and flameless candles, get plush accent pillows and fleecy blankets. Multi-purpose items like upholstered ottomans with hidden storage are perfect since they can hide clutter while also being nice and soft as a footrest or additional seating.

Hygge is great for small space Toronto condos

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Textures and layers are absolutely essential to hygge, the decor you select can do incredible things in transforming your space. To add interest look for a few different types of fabric for pillows, blankets and accents from soft silks and microfleece to knits. Pile pillows on the couch for snug nights in and for throwing around as extra seating. Opt for rugs made from wool, shag or faux fur to warm your feet and deck out your room from top to toes in hygge.

Activities like reading, game nights and staying in to watch movies are also perfect for hygge. Contentment reaches every part of your life, and part of that is keeping in touch with loved ones and friends even when snowbound. Togetherness and a sense of companionship can brighten frigid weeknights and help make weekends spent inside away from the cold and slush enjoyable.

Hygge is great for small space Toronto condos

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The calendar might promise that spring is on the way, but in the meantime treat yourself to some comfort and self-care to finish out your winter-hibernation in style with hygge!