Toronto Condo Market Update: June and July

Two weeks ago we polled our readers with the question: “How do you feel about the Toronto condo market?” Out of 1,000 Toronto Insiders, 40% said that real estate is always up and down and […]

Why Vancouver Condo Prices Are Going Up and Up

It seems that every day the Vancouver condo market is seeing new record breaking prices, making it harder for buyers and more uncertain for sellers. But what is causing these surprising sale prices for condos […]

Urban Planning and Development at Toronto of the Future

This past Monday, attended the Toronto of the Future showcase at the Metro Centre on King Street West. It was an event that brought together global architectural firms, developers, and Toronto’s city-planners, and we were excited […]

Toronto real estate market slowdown won’t last long

Everyone’s talking about the Toronto real estate market slowdown, evident in the spring sales numbers, but we’re not worried. This is what happens when the government gets involved. It’s practically clockwork. Over the last five […]

What You Need To Know About Ontario Rent Control

Let’s talk about the new Ontario rent control measures and what they will mean for condo owners, landlords, and tenants. It must be said that the impact on landlords is going to be big, but […]

Toronto Condo Market Affordability is Not Two-Sided

The market for Toronto condos is slowing down in some areas, but it’s still highly active in others. Just this week, a downtown listing at Theatre Park had around 40 offers and sold for $200k […]

Condo Pro Advice on Downsizing Your Home

As spring rains give way to summer sun, a feeling of change is in the air. For older homeowners, that change may be bigger than breaking out the summer wardrobe. It might be time to […]

Condo Living on the Danforth

Last week the Toronto Star published a story about our alternative TTC map that revealed local condo values around Toronto’s subway stations. In the article, Carl Langschmidt noted the Danforth as a great Toronto neighbourhood […]

Toronto Condo Market Normalizes For Spring Selling Season

One of our Condo Pros recently helped a client sell their Liberty Village condo for around $700,000, a property they had purchased last year for around $500,000. The client moved out to Mississauga where they […]

The Value of Price-per-Square-Foot Analysis looks at Toronto real estate from a big picture perspective. Now buyers, sellers, and investors can view Toronto condos in the same way, using our new PSF Index and Market Report. Here is […]