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A Condo Owner's Guide to Halloween

A Condo Owner's Guide to Halloween

Sep 24, 2014
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The air is crisp and pumpkin-spiced lattes once again available at your local coffee shop. That means Halloween, easily one of the most festive holidays of the year, is right around the corner. We can’t think about Halloween without images of carved pumpkins, trick or treating and spooky decorations coming to mind. To help you make the most of the holiday in your Toronto condo , here is our guide to decoration and celebration, condo-style.

Decorating Bylaws When it comes to decorating the inside of your condo, go nuts! It’s your home, so feel free to get creative. Halloween is a great opportunity to try your hand at DIYing some low-cost decor. To get started, try out these 30 DIY decorations for Halloween from Apartment Therapy. The outside of your condo, on the other hand, may have some restrictions. Start by reading your condo board’s bylaws before putting anything up on your front door or balcony. The condo rules and bylaws can be found in the declaration, which you should get when you purchase your condo. Alternatively, have your agent ask the property management company for specifics or check with the selling agent to see if they have a copy of the rules and bylaws for you to read over before you make a commitment.

A common example of a restriction your condo board might have on decorations is not being allowed to hang decorations from your front door. Some condos do allow this so long as they aren’t permanently attached. Another example might include restrictions on the kinds of decorations or lights you can hang from your balcony or in your windows, if any at all. If you love holidays and really want to get into decorating, while looking for condos for sale in Toronto you should make sure the condo board of any development you're interested in has liberal rules on decorating before making any decisions.

Trick-or-Treating Rules With more and more families calling condos home, the issue of trick-or-treating is something that most condo boards have addressed. In most condo buildings, door-to-door trick or treating is not allowed, with some exceptions. In CityPlace condos, for example, the concierge gives out candy, but building-to-building trick or treating is not allowed. A few rare buildings allow condo owners to put candy out in the hallway, and families can go door-to-door and collect it, but that is rare and isn’t the norm in most buildings. Most often, the concierge will keep a bowl of candy available for children at the front desk. If having that trick-or-treating experience for your child is important to you, check out local community events with Halloween themes. This lets your child experience the fun of dressing up for Halloween (and getting in on the candy!) while still respecting your condo building’s rules.

Halloween Party Decorum If you’re planning on hosting a Halloween party, consider booking your building’s party room. There will be more room for your guests to move around, and you can bring your own food, decorations and music. Since Halloween is a popular party holiday, plan to book well in advance and be ready to pay a deposit and a cleaning fee. In some cases, you may have to pay for an extra security guard. Once the room is booked, get busy planning the decorations and Halloween-themed food. Here are some great resources to get you started.

Whether you’re a new condo owner decorating your home for the first time, a young professional throwing your first Halloween party, or a parent looking to recreate the magic of trick-or-treating for your family, you can do it all in a condo in Toronto. Just make sure to follow our guide, and you’ll be on the right track!

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