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$ 346,608
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$ 1,427/month
$ 1.37/FT2

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Founded as a port town after the War of 1812 at the south-western end of Lake Ontario, Hamilton received official City status on June 9, 1846. It has since then grown into Ontario’s manufacturing mecca, garnering nicknames like “The Hammer” and “Steeltown” as one of the economic anchors of the Golden Horseshoe region from Toronto to Niagara. Today the city is a thriving metropolis and home to over 500,000 proud Hamiltonians.

From its humble start as a port town at the base of the Niagara Escarpment, attracting granaries and early manufacturing companies, the City of Hamilton has long known the values of industry and innovation. From the mid-1800’s, Hamilton gathered steady steam as a center for manufacturing with an emphasis on steel, and from 1900 to 1914 the city’s population doubled. The competition of global markets brought an inevitable slowdown in the 1960s, but Hamilton held strong with economic shifts to transportation services, education, and the health-care industry. Expanding out to include the nearby towns of Waterdown, Dundas, Ancaster, Albion Falls, Stoney Creek, and others, Hamilton offers a wide range of residential neighborhoods and communities from rural estate houses to downtown condos for sale.

These days Hamilton has been recognized for its revitalized arts scene, with many new galleries opening on major downtown streets and local institutions like the Downtown Arts Centre and the Community Centre for Media Arts redefining the cultural character of the city. A boom in affordable condos in Hamilton is making the downtown core more attractive for new homeowners who want to live in a vibrant urban space comparable to Downtown Toronto. McMaster University and Mohawk College, among others, draw a flood of students and educators each year, while national heritage sites like the Canadian Warplane Museum and Dundurn Castle are sought-after destinations for tourists and avid sightseers. For older residents, Hamilton offers serene residential settings away from downtown, close to nearby green spaces and the natural landscapes of the Niagara Escarpment, with institutional anchors like Hamilton Memorial Hospital and the Hamilton International Airport affirming the decision to settle down here.

Hamilton is well connected to its partner cities of the Golden Horseshoe in Canada and the United States. With the QEW heading along Lake Ontario to Toronto and Niagara Falls, it’s the single fastest way to get from city to city. For commuters and visitors, GO Transit operates buses from Hamilton to Burlington, where the GO Train service continues to Union Station in Toronto and further east. The Hamilton International Airport further connects Hamilton to cities around the world.