Vancouver Condo Market Looks Bright for 2017

Well, it’s a new year and there’s a new outlook on the horizon for the Vancouver condo market. While there are still some buyers sitting on the fence waiting to see what’s going to happen […]

Should You Sell Your Condo in Spring or Winter?

As we start our way into 2017 and finally come out of our Holiday hangovers, we would like to touch on a subject which often has divided opinions, whether to list your property in the […]

Reach Your Real Estate Goals in the New Year

The start of a new year is always a time to take stock of your life, think about your hopes and dreams, and start planning how to get there. Resolutions to reactivate that gym membership, […]

Legal Advice For Buying a Condo with a Partner or Friends

Young professionals may be putting off marriage and children in favour of more dream driven lifestyles, but for many young people the financial value of real estate investment remains a central part of the plan. […]

The Real World of Short-Term Condo Rentals

A big issue that has been rocking the Toronto condo scene over the last year is short-term rentals, particularly the use of home-sharing sites like Airbnb. With the news in October that New York City […]

5 Tips About Student Condo Investment

If you went to university or college, you can probably remember the amount of money you spent on living expenses over those four or five years. Whether paid to your school’s housing facility or handed […]

Your Guide to Luxury Condos in Toronto

The decision to buy a luxury condo in Toronto comes down to a question of lifestyle. How do you want to live? Obviously, it’s not for everybody. The people who will buy luxury condos are […]

Buy Versus Rent, Data Tells All

We often hear, particularly from first-time buyers, how conflicting it is to decide whether to buy or rent a condo in Toronto. While in the long run we recommend buying over renting, that isn’t always […]

Unethical REALTOR® Practices: What You Need To Know

A recent CBC Marketplace investigation has brought to light the existence of malpractice within Canadian real estate. Here’s what you need to know.   Investigations into unethical REALTOR® practices   According to the Marketplace investigation, which spoke […]

North York, A Place to Invest

Year over year trends show Toronto home prices on the rise, and yet the demand for condos is higher than ever. While there are still many condos for sale in downtown Toronto, we think it’s […]